Team and I, wish you happy and successful, full of joy New Year 2023. Find your way, awake your full potential and: – may your dreams come true.

Humble Spirit Enki, servant of the Highest Energy, said:

Years between 1950 up to 2000 ware the most amazing and happy year’s contemporaneity in contemporary times.

Be as spontaneous, natural, straightforward and happy as some people in videos below. Let 2023 resound with positive emotions like these recorded during concerts.

Enki said:

2023 will be harder and more dramatic than the current year, but for those who have open hearts and see the other person, it won’t be so much difficult.

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A few years ago, at public channeling, Enki said:

“You have (people in general) so many and beautiful songs about Love; why is there so little Love between people?”

Yep, no one can argue with it, I think; anyone can see in media and independents sources a lot of negative news, facts from the around the globe; which prove that in our today’s reality there is very (!) little of this Love. Which is the most, any thinking person can answer for himself.

He also said:

I don’t expect unconditional love from you. Respecting others is enough.

Moreover, he said:

“Respecting others” is the one and most important Cosmos Law at the moment. All the rest Cosmos Laws are up to you.

Here are promised videos with best live performances 80s and 90s; Best 90s and 80s Songs Live  🙂

Something for soul: