Overcome Shyness
Basic Social Skills and Attitude

Sound Resonance V5

It’s a very advanced one. In the nutshell, you can achieve with it these benefits:

  • be more social

  • not afraid to speak with people, strangers

  • small talk

  • be more flexible

  • overcome shyness

  • determination improvement

Basic benefits:

  • protection

  • optimism

  • root chakra improvement

  • release old emotional and destructive relationships with your parents and older relatives

Other possible benefits

  • may increase telepathic communications

Possible physical healing effects:

  • It can support the liver, kidneys, digestion, lungs and helps maintain healthy skin.

Can be used by any person, men, women, and other sexes.

MP3 file SRV5 Overcome Shyness (Basic Social Life Skills) has 70 MB and it 30 minutes long.

Its estimated strength / power is about 400-3000x. It’s dynamic and way more subtle in compare to Silent Bliss Engines.

Can be listened to via headphones, earphones, or speakers and at the same time as an audio talisman.

Recommended usage: 2–4 hours per day for 14–30 days. Stable results: 30–90 days.

Copyright: you and your blood-relatives.