Five Mistakes Men Make With Women

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes With Women…!

Do you ever feel like trying to find a date is more difficult than blindly navigating a minefield? Well, you’re not alone, because men of all ages and dating experience levels feel the exact same way from time to time. The truth here is really simple – men make the same mistake with women over and over again because they keep following the same bad tips from each other and on the internet.

So, if you’ve been having trouble, this could be why. It is important to remember that most women really don’t know what they want – they just know what they don’t want, and most men embody that persona. Keep reading to learn how to avoid common mistakes and become the ideal man for any woman.

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Mistake #1: Being too “macho”

Sure, any woman will be attracted to masculine guy, but if that’s all he can offer, then not much will come out of the relationship. To most women, a man that can carry on a meaningful conversation is more valuable to her than how much he can lift at the gym, so it’s important to keep to bravado to a minimum when meeting new women.

Mistake #2: Trying too hard

It is important to realize that no one can force a woman to like a men – it’s all in the chemistry, and at the end of the day if you aren’t a match with someone, there’s no way to force it. Trying too hard and begging for a woman’s attention is pointless and unattractive. If you find that the chemistry you feel isn’t being returned, it’s time to move on to someone else instead of damaging your self-confidence by groveling for affection.

Mistake #3: A Woman Is Not a Possession

While there are many times throughout a relationship where a woman like to feel protection and support from her man, there are also times where she doesn’t. This means that no woman wants to feel like she is someone else’s property, or like she can’t be in a relationship while maintaining her own independence.  The minute a man forgets this is the minute that his relationship with his girlfriend is going to begin to head downhill, so always remember that a woman wants support from her man, not for him to take over everything.

Mistake #4: Trying to Buy Your Way in

In the movies a man can buy a woman a drink and everything falls into place – a date, a relationship, and more. But in real life, trying to buy your way into the heart of a woman just doesn’t work out so well. Today, gender roles are not a clear as they were years before – buying a drink or meal for some women runs the risk of offending them, which really isn’t something you want to do. Also, monetary gestures could come off as though you want to buy her affections, which is neither attractive nor necessary.

Mistake #5: Not Listening

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make around a woman is to make her feel like what she is saying isn’t important. Unfortunately, it can be pretty easy to make this mistake, especially with all of the other things you’ll be thinking about when meeting someone new. However, if you can manage to overcome this huge mistake, women will notice, and you’ll stand out against all other men, ensuring a great chance for a date.

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