Get Rid Of Cosmic Master Programming Audio Talisman

Get Rid Of Cosmic Master Programming Audio Talisman

made with Audio Talisman Engine v.1 (72 cores)

Finally you can experience even more real power and at the same time get rid of negative programming of cosmic master. I made this and check it – I can’t believe what happen when I put it on my root chakra – then I heard the energy: “I am your God” – wait a minute, really? I don’t believe that. I also heard other energy forms which are completly against my ethics.

Anyway if you want to get rid cosmic master programming from your mind – you should do something with it.

What is audio talisman? It’s an mp3, which you put on your pen-drive/iphones or any other device like mp3-player – and it turn this device into powerful pendant. But that’s not all. You can make as many copies of this audio talisman, more copies more power.

There is installed very powerful copyright protection that allow only the person which order the audio talisman to use it and only your close family members can use it. But friends don’t.

I guarantee massive power within – and you just keep the device with the audio-talisman and it works like magic or as very strong belief chanted endlessly.

The following spells has been encoded within this mp3:

  1. Mental Healing
  2. Dark Armada
  3. Immortality
  4. Inner Health & Radiance
  5. Rabid Will-power
  6. Transmutation of Negative into Positive


GetRidOfCM_At1.mp3 – 4:08 min – 9,931MB

It is very powerful – use it wisely – do not use before sleep.