Handsome Man Creator

Handsome Man Creator

made with Bliss Engine v.5

This mp3 is additionally build with Handsome Man Trance Engine – and it boosts overall power of this audio. There is also High Focus Module – that super-charges power of affirmations and suggestion with superb precision. For what this mp3 is you can guess just by it’s title and the set of affirmations that have been used during programing process.

The mp3 is one of them most powerful at this website and especially because Bliss Engine v.5. You may try mp3s made with v.5 at freeware webpage and you will noticed that effects are most instant and the audio spells contain real supernatural and metaphysical energies.

Handsome Man Creator mp3 include very deep programming and ultimatelly charged with Chi Powers. The effects and results are guaranteed and if you will listen to this mp3 on regular basis – be ready because your life will be changed.

Here is list of Audio Spells encoded into it:

  • 3rd Energy of Venus – serves to attract love, respect, and admiration

  • 1st Energy of Mercury – conveys personal magnetism

  • Mass Influence Audio Spell

  • Popularity Audio Spell

  • Mangetic Appeal Audio Spell

  • Charisma Audio Spell

  • Irresistible to Others Audio Spell

Here is list of programmed affirmations:

  • I am the most aesthetically attractive and handsome man in the whole universe.

  • I have a perfectly formed aesthetic jaw, chin and cheekbones that give me great masculinity.

  • It is natural for me to have a body and face of tremendous aesthetics.

  • Every single part of my face and body is extremely visually appealing and this is due to my fabulous genetic make up.

  • I am better looking and far more handsome than every male supermodel in the world.

  • My face is scientifically the most beautiful and it perfectly fits the golden ratio.

  • My skin is glowing, radiant, free of blemishes and wrinkles, smooth, soft, youthful and utterly flawless.

  • I have the most piercing, attractive and sexy eyes that can draw absolutely any female in.

  • Every part of my face is so perfectly well proportioned to give me the most visually attractive and aesthetic face of any man.

  • My teeth are absolutely flawless, brilliant white and perfectly straight.

  • My hair is extremely thick and my low hairline perfectly adds to my extreme sex appeal, irresistibility and handsomeness.

  • My body is extremely lean and cut similar to that of a super fit athlete in the peak of his condition with superbly defined biceps, triceps, chest, back, leg and abdominal muscles. 

Real feedback:

Just that I feel great and confadent during and after listening. Also emboldened and able to just talk to anyone.

I also noticed that my face looked a bit different on day 2 after about 3 hours of listening.

Listening Tips: Listen at least 30 minutes per day and optimally up to 60 minutes for 14-30 days for stable results. Permanent results are guaranteed after 30-40 days of listening. There is not limit, so you can consider listening more for faster and stronger results. The best if you can listen to it with High Quality Headphones – this is very high quality mp3 with subtle energies and for getting full effect this type of headphones are recommended. Of course it works ith earphones too.


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HandsomeManCreator.mp3 – 25 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 60MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines.

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