High Energy = Instant Attraction

It was a drab Monday and I was in a black mood that day. My shoulders were hunched. I walked with a shuffle. I avoided eye contact. My normal “life-of-the-party” spirit was dead…. and somehow that shrouded me with a queer impenetrable invisibility.

Wherever I went, people didn’t notice me. The salesgirl failed to serve me. The waiter failed to pass the
menu. And a dog nearly ran me over.

Odd. It was the first time I ever felt like a none-entity.

Around lunch time I entered Starbucks and got a shot of mochha frap. Zap! Almnost instantly, the caffein lifted my mood… and with it, my vital energy came flooding back. I reared higher. My gait widened. I made eye contact. And best of all, I began smiling.

The magic didn’t stop there. With my personal energy flooding out my pores, I notied an instant effect on those around me. Strangers greeted me with wide grins. A happy police offer waved. And a dog came to be petted. What a difference one’s mood does to those around us!

Want to be the life of the party? Keep your mood up. Straighten up, smile and walk with confidence. Let your inner light glow. And don’t forget the coffee.

A master of manifestation to his associates, Joseph R. Plazo offers intense executive coaching so people can find jobs and build careers

Joseph achieved financial independence at 22, authored five NLP books, mentored hundreds and indulges in his passion for radionics. Always to take the initiative, his battle cry is “Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt.”