How to Approach Girls

Are You Scaring Girls Before Even Approaching Them?

Imagine this – knowing exactly how to approach girls the right way. Being able to walk up to any girl and strike up an interesting conversation is a hard thing to do, but if done right, can ensure a weekend date. If you’ve experience difficulty accomplishing this in the past, keep on reading. You’ll learn some practical skills so that in the future, you can have your choice of any woman in a room, and you’ll be able to snag a weekend dinner with her easily.

To find out how to really approach girls without scaring them away.

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Learning How to Approach Girls

First and foremost, learning how to approach a girl cannot be learned by just reading articles online or books; it’s something that really needs to be practiced and practiced until it is perfected. To do this you can of course take a few tips from some literature, but then you need to apply those tips in a real life setting. If the thought of this makes you nervous, that’s understandable – but those feelings can’t stop you from going out in public! There is no way around it; in order to meet girls and become comfortable with approaching them, you need to go out and actively do it.

The first thing you need to do in order to successfully learn how to approach women is to learn how to deal with rejection, because there’s going to be a lot of it. Learning how to correctly deal with rejection and hurt feelings is a sign of maturity, and while it may be tough, it’s making you a better person in the long run, especially if you have any hope of attracting mature girls as well. A great way to begin building your emotional security is adopting the belief that women need you more than you need them.

How to Approach Girls: A Different Philosophy

Have you found that no matter how much great advice on how to approach girls you read, the results are nothing but lousy? Well, you should be relived to know that most of the generic advice you’ve been given – smile, make eye contact, make compliments, be confident, etc – isn’t what actually works in a real setting. Just think about it; these are things every other guy out there knows how to do. How can you stand out in a girls’ mind if you’re blending in with all the rest?

If you want to be the guy that leaves a girl wanting to know more, you must master the art of indirect communication. This means that you need to engage her interest with words and body language that lets her know that you’re into her, and that you want to get to know her on a more personal level. This may sound like a weird way to approach someone, but that’s only because you’re still thinking like a man – granted, most men do, but that’s where they all go wrong. To approach a girl, you need to think about how a girl wants to be treated, which is with a little romance and mystery. If you can learn how to master this, you’ll have no problems approaching girls ever again.

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