How to Improve Yourself to be More Attractive to Women

2 Things To Improve Yourself To SCORE With Women

Sure, there are lots of techniques that can help become more confident and effective when talking to women. But, what do you do if the girl is just plain not interested in you? Because let’s face it – a confident smile and charming conversation will on go so far; eventually, your physical appearance will come into play, and if it’s not up to her standards, you’re going to get dropped from her radar. So, if you seem to be having trouble keeping the ladies interested, you may need to take another look at your physique and figure out what needs to be improved.

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Get in Shape

Now, before you start to get nervous, remember that no one needs you to be a bodybuilder; in fact, most women aren’t attracted to the 99% muscle/1% body fat type of guy at all. All that they’re looking for is a man that’s in decent shape and knows how to work their body.

On top of the fact that it just plain looks better, being in shape sends the message that you care about your appearance and have a decent amount of self-respect. This then sends the message to women that you aren’t a complete slob, and that other aspects of your life are most likely positive and under control.
Not convinced? Think about it this way – you wouldn’t take a woman to your apartment without cleaning and organizing it first, would you? Then why would you present that same kind of sloppy appearance with your body.

Keep Tidy

Along the same lines as your physique, you should also make sure that your clothes are stylish, fit correctly, and are well kept, as no one is going to fight for the guy in the trashy shirt and holey jeans. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on the newest fashions, either; you simply need to find the right types of clothing for your body type, and wear them in a flattering way. A bonus to this way of dressing is that when you know your clothing fits well, you automatically feel better about yourself. This means that you’ll come off as a more happy and confident individual, which is a huge attraction point for any woman.

Keep Your Cool

One sure way to turn a woman off of you is the appear to be too needy to her. It is important to never throw yourself at a woman or beg them to be a part of your life; instead, you need to refine your approach. Remember to keep a bit of mystery about yourself, always leaving them wanting to know more about you after each interaction. This is key, because if a woman can’t automatically categorize you, she’ll be much more likely to keep a conversation going and actually get to know you a bit, which only raises your chances of landing the perfect woman for you.

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