How to Pick Up Women

3 Instant Tips You Can Use To Pick Up Women

Are you itching to learn the right way to pick up women? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place – the first step in the learning process is to actually makes the effort to develop this important skill. The second thing is that you need to understand that knowing how to approach and attract women isn’t some inherited gift that you’re born with – it’s something that you need to learn, just like anything else. Through consistent practice and measuring of what’s working and what’s not working, you’ll be able to turn your efforts into a skill that will help you pick up the best women of the bunch, whenever you want.

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First: Go Where the Fish Are

This might sound like simple advice, but when it comes to pickup up women, most men make the amateur mistake of trying to approach women in places where the competition is just too much. For example: bars and night clubs are places where women go and have their guard up, since they know that they’re going to get hit on while all they want to do is hang out with friends.

Sure, these places might be great to go if you’re looking to get a lot of practice, but don’t expect to leave with a date. The secret is to approach women in places where they’re more open and friendly, such as a park, coffee house, or library. Here, you’ll see that there isn’t as much competition and women won’t have their “pick up radar” on high security mode.

Second: Build Trust First

One of the biggest secrets of how to pick up women is being able to build trust with them quickly. But, how are you able to do this when it’s clear that you’re only approaching her for one very obvious reason? Well, it’s easy – don’t approach her until you’ve built trust. For example, if she’s sitting in a book store reading a book, sit in a chair near her; after a few minutes, tell her that you’re going to the bathroom and ask her to watch your seat. Doing this will communicate a subtle message that you trust her, and it also opens up the opportunity for conversation when you come back and say ‘thanks’.

TIP: For best results, make a joke out of this situation and say something like : “I’m going to run to the bathroom, if anyone touches my lap top, I need you to tackle them.” After this, it’s going to be a lot easier to break the ice and move onto more conversation.

Third: Use the “Gotta Go Close”

Once you have a bit of a conversation going, pretend that you just got a text message from a friend of yours and that you “have to go.” This kind of “interruption” will create an opportunity for you to say: “I need to go, but I’d like to continue this, what are you doing on…”. By doing this, you’re ensuring that a future meeting is secured, without seeming like a desperate loser.

Practice the above strategies, and remember that knowing how to pick up women is a skill which can be learned through practice. After just a few times, you’ll become more comfortable and other men will be asking you for advice on how to pick up women!

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