How to Talk to Women

Stop Making This Mistake…

Want to know the secret to talking to a woman you’re interested in? Or maybe you want to know how to approach and attract women? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to keep on reading, and learn what dating experts are saying about how to talk to women.

First, Are You Making This Mistake?

If you’re feeling like you need some advice on how to talk to women, it’s probably because you’ve made a common mistake of getting into “approach her” mode. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it simply means that every single time you see a woman, a complete shift happens inside you; you begin to feel nervous, and start worrying about rejection. Instead, you should be learning how to act more natural when meeting new women, because men who know how to properly approach women can seem almost natural when they’re doing it, meaning that they don’t ever come off at fearful or anxious – huge turnoffs for women.

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So, how do you get yourself into a different mindset?

Go Against the Grain

Knowing how to talk to women isn’t common knowledge, and so most men go about it the wrong way. Most men focus on the end goal – a date – and nothing else, which actually prevents any connection from being made! These men will compliment a woman’s looks, ask her name, and before the real conversation can take off, they start begging for a date. It is important to remember that meeting a woman should not be treated like a business deal – immediately “going in for the kill”, the date, is not the way to win here. All women like a bit of mystery and romance, and the biggest mistake a man can make is telegraphing his interest right off the bat and putting himself one step below the woman.

If you want different results in the dating world, then you’re going to have to learn how to do things differently.

Master the Art of Indirect Communication

Did you know that the secret to knowing how to talk to women is being able to send them mixed signals and to build curiosity, mystery and suspense? Sound confusing? Don’t worry – this basically means that the art of indirect communication is to communicate through speaking and body signals in way that makes the woman think that you’re not interested in them. However, you also need to use subtle signs, like light touches and playful little jabs that suggest you might be attracted to her, which leaves a bit of mystery.

This is the art of indirect communication, and using it will give you a mysterious, attractive demeanor that will make any woman will fall into your arms. Always remember – these may be traits that would frustrate a man, but they are essential to knowing how to talk to women.

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