I Control My Sexual Urges Healing Mp3 for Men *Updated*

I Control My Sexual Urges Healing Mp3 for Men

Gain control over your sexual desires and unhealthy addictions
with this High Chi Energy Engine Mp3

By listening to this mp3 you can improve the quality of your life in many aspects. It gives you the control over your unhealthy sexual additions (if you have any) like addication to sexual online content, etc etc. It will gives you strong will power as well as control of your life. Finally you can gain health and power. It’s known fact that man is much powerful as much he can accumulate energy – and when he gain high energy levels he is even more attractive to opposite sex. Also by having so much energy you can do more, you can run longer and work more efficiently. There are a lots information about it acorss the Internet – you can do your own research in this topic.

Also in thank of this mp3 the time between your ejaculations will be lenghten around two times. So for example if you ejaculate once per 2 weeks and if you will listen to this mp3 at regular basis for at least 14-30 days – you will ejaculate once per month. Chinese medicine recommends to ejaculate less then once per 2 weeks in Autum time and in Winter once per month. In Summer once per week. Positive results after listening to this mp3 may happen even much more faster than 14 days – it is design to works within 1 day of listening.


Tech used in this audio:

  • High Power Chi Engine – so it’s effectivness is very stable and results can be visible even at the day one.

  • 1st Mars Energy – for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments – as the result this audio will give you motivational kick to achieve the desired states as well can boost your motivation levels and it’s not only limited to topics included in this mp3.

  • General Balance Frequency.

  • Spiritual Well-being Frequency.

  • Healing Sexual Dysfunction Frequency for men.

Here is list of strong statements, suggestion and programmed energies:

  • I am free from p0rography[1*].

  • I am free from sexual online content[2**]

  • I control my own sex drive

  • I control my sexual energy

  • I redirect my sexual energy into more positive activities

  • I am free from any sexual perversion

  • My view of sex is healthy and clean

  • I overcome any addiction to sexual content [1*, 2*]

  • My will-power is stronger than any sexual addiction [1*, 2*]

  • I throw away from my life any sexual addictions [1*, 2*]

  • I believe in myself

  • I turst myself

  • I am dominant

  • I dominate in my life [and only I]

  • I have high self-esteem

  • I am self-confident

  • I love my life

  • I respect myself, my life, my body

  • My life is amazing without any sexual addtiction [1*, 2*]

  • My life is enough satisfying without any sexual addtiction [1*, 2*]

  • I control my own life

  • Only [!] I control my own life

  • I am strong

  • I am healthy

  • I think positivielly, I am positive

  • I am powerful

  • If I ejaculate I ejaculate much more less then before

  • I ejaculate two times less than before

  • My energy is calm and relaxed

  • My sexual energy is calm and relaxed

  • I am competly realxed and calm

  • I exercise my PC musce frequently

  • I eat healthy

  • Everday I am more and more healthy and storng

  • My life is beautiful

  • I really love and enjoy my life

  • I have strong will-power

  • Everyday I have more and more strong will-power


2nd Mp3 track is made in form of DEEP MIND programming – it is about 30-40% more effective then mp3s which can be listen during other activities like jogging or reading a book. Affirmations and suggestion are similar – however 2nd Mp3 mostly focuses on breaking any additction to online live sex websites, having strong will power (based on Order of Domination).
2nd Track is made with Bliss Engine v.1.

Also 2nd mp3 track contains 3 Audio Spells with these energies:

  • Archangel Gabriel – for courage, strength, ambition; and for improvement through guidance in all things related to the: emotions, love, passion, matters of heart, marriage.

  • 1st Mars for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments.

  • Marchosias – he is a strong fighter. He was of the Order of Dominations.

Listen to the 2nd mp3 track only while laying down, eyes closed and for maximum effectiveness use quality headphones.


Listening tips: For stable results listen to it 30-50 minutes per day for 14-30 days. Anyway if you want and you feel comfortable for more fast and rush results you can listen to it over and over again and it’s okay – just remember if you feel it’s too much powerful for you – listen less.


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IControlMySexualUrges – 12:11 minutes – 320kbps – 44Hz – 29,2MB – Format Mp3.
IControlMySexualUrges_DeepReprogramming.mp3 – 14:09 minutes – 320kbps – 44Hz – 33,9MB – Format Mp3.

Please use 7Zip freeware software to get access to files within ZIP file.

Your download never expires – you may download files at any time you want to.

This mp3 is taged as “healing” however if you think that you are not healthy always seek for proffesional medical advice of your doctor. It do not makes any health promises.

2nd track contains Dual Brainwaves, if for some reasons you can’t listen to brainwaves, or you have epilepsy, peacemaker, do not listen to it.