I Control My Sexual Urges 2

made with Bliss Engine v.5

The upgraded mp3 for overcome sexual additicions. Pretty powerful because of several audio spells. Even just by having it on your iphone it will do its job. For stable results listen at least 60 minutes per day. Full description is here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/i-control-my-sexual-urges-healing-mp3-for-men-updated/ the affirmation set is the same – only the new set of audio spells and mp3 is recorded with Bliss Engine v.5.

Here is list of all audio spells encoded into this mp3:

  • Optimism and Success Audio Spell

  • Solve Problems Audio Spell

  • Self-Confidence Audio Spell

  • 1st Mars for motivation, ambition Audio Spell

  • 1st Sun for bring the possessor all things they may desire Audio Spell

  • Leave Undesirable Situation Audio Spell

  • Archangel Raphael Audio Spell

  • Mental Healing Audio Spell

  • 3rd Saturn for protection against any plots made by others & for defense against evil spirits Audio Spell

  • Avoid Unwanted Person Audio Spell

  • Change of Luck Audio Spell

  • 4th Moon – defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul Audio Spell

  • 6th Jupiter – protects form all earthly dangers Audio Spell

  • Archangel Azarel Audio Spell

  • Archangel Michael Double Audio Spell

  • Soaring Motivation Audio Spell

  • Archangel Gabriel Audio Spell

  • Inner Radiance and Health Audio Spell

  • Archangel Kamael Audio Spell

  • Archangel Metatron Audio Spell

  • Rabid Willpower Audio Spell

  • Archangel Uriel Audio Spell

  • Archangel Zadkiel Audio Spell

This mp3 will erase many mind programs and set you free from any pornographic content and you will learn how to get more control over your sexual energy, sexual urges.

Listen at least 60 minutes per day for 14-30 days. If you like it you can listen more, even during sleep.

At begining you may feel some sexual arousal, it is release, then it will dissapear.


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Those who own version v.1 have lifetime 30% discount for it (please contact via this form: https://seductionmagicflow.com/contact-us/ )

IControlMySexualUrges2.mp3 – 15:17 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 36,7MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines [!!!].

After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.