Ladies Man – Seducer Gem V.4

Ladies Man – Seducer Gem V.2

Good news for you!!

I have created super gem called as “Ladies Man Gem” or “Seducer Gem”. This gems is charged with special Etheric Device along with different forms of magical arts like Chaos, Wicca, VooDoo, Santeria and Hermetic Magic. The gem is wearable and it is made out of the Rose Quartz. It is optimized for attracting sexy women for love relationships. It’s extra strenght. Gem is charged with 7 sexually related energies.

Made with special Etheric Device for charing items permanently and with some programming. Gem is made out of the Rose Quartz.

Energies I have used in this gem are as follow:

  • Zepar enhanced with Nature Elemental  (His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren)

  • 3rd Venus for attracting love, respect and admiration

  • Attracting new love or sex relationship energy

  • Sitri (He enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired.)

  • Attracting sex and things sexually related reserved only for adults

  • Attracting special type of love or romance

  • Making user thrillingly romatic.

  • Creating aura of charisma and magnetic appeal

  • Projecting Security and Strenght

There are 9 different base energies.

Instruction how to use it is very simple. For making more aggresive effects from women’s end – you can keep this gem in your right pocket – oh, they could be very imposing towards you and act like they really want being approached, or some even can start fluf talk, it this case please talk with them for awhile and make good rapport – and possibly take their email on telephone number by asking indirectly for it. For making less aggresive effects – keep it in your left pocket – it will give you more charisma and magnetic appeal.
Gem is wearable and you can keep it on your chest – and it gives most stable and guarantee effects.

These Gems activate your energy field with some delay in compare to Pendants available at this website. The delay time when your energy body tune into the energies represented by these Gems usually takes up to 1-2 hours. After this time if you keep using it effects gets stronger and stronger. It can be considered as small lust gem.

This gem is loaded with sex powers and it’s power is permanent, it’s also has combat system, which fight with all negative energy and convert them into positive ones.

The gem can be created, charged with 3 different techniques, thats include:
  • Etheric Item Charger Device – which provides full protection of gem, so called combat system and gives initial charging power 4/10.
  • Psionis3000VX Charging – 3 energies at one time, and gives charging power of 6/10
  • Lastly charging gets with VirtualGodCaster, generally 4 energies at one time, giving charging power of 10/10
    (VirtualGodCaster is 15x stronger then Psionis3000VX).


Time of production 2-7 days (usually up to 2-3 days) – gem is made upon order. Total time of charging is around 12 hours with 4 hours of active charging.

Shipping is prioritare and it takes from 4 up to 12 days worldwide. It’s almost pretty fast in compare to Global Express (2-6 business days).

If you are interested in customization of this gem – please write email via Contact Form so we can discuss your desired gem’s energies. Payment can be done via Paypal, Payza, or Western Union.


Seducer Gem V.2 is made of Rose Quartz

IMG_20151130_122809_Fotor_Fotor (897 x 811)At this picture you can see also large Flint Stone

Seducer Gem V.2 is loaded with Metaphysical Energies

IMG_20151130_122839_Fotor2 (958 x 840)Zepar is the Seductionmagicflow’s favourite Love & Attraction Energy