Laugh Your Way to the Bedroom

You’re boring your girlfriend and she’s getting ready to dump you!

That’s right. DUMP YOU.

But before that happens, let me teach you two ways to become irresistibly magnetic in her eyes.

It shan’t take a lot of time, so drop the doritos and listen up.

It’s vital to get one thing straight:

**It is sublimely easy to color the way a woman sees you**

You can control her perception of you. And it all depends on melding with her moods.

Here’s the no-BS secret.

**Become a master at getting her in an upbeat mood**

Obvious? Right on. But how many of us leverage this.

Sad fact: guys fumble when they attempt to incite sexual attraction. They do all thewrong things, and when they flop, they repeat it again and again with greater intensity. It’s like yelling louder and louder at a deaf girl who can’t hear in the first place. Pathetic.

Think of it: you guys buy sparkling red Ferraris to become more desirable.

Or they buy $5000 Armani suits

Or they work out 12 hours a day

Or they spend a bundle on Rolex watches that remains unnoticed.
Does it work? Sometimes. It will snag the materialistic girl who’ll dump you the moment another Armanied Ferarried guy comes along– and believe me… there will be one.

Now if you could spend a day invisible and observe 20 couples in their private moments, you would notice that 19 out of 20 of the males initiate the loving but take no effort in getting the girl in an upbeat and energetic mood.

You might observe crass dudes trying to get sex while she is suffering from a headache. Or you’d notice a dense guy begging for sex while she’s despondent over a dress that got ruined.

Then what happens? The guy gets angry at her rebuffs

He’d sulk away, sad and dejected. He might fume a bit. Throw a few choice words too.

Some might even drive off to the nearest bordello.

Don’t want that to happen to you?

Here’s the plan: Get your girl in an upbeat mood before initiating romance.

Think about that. Would you entertain a randy girl if your Porsche just gut smashed? Or you lost a million dollar contract? Definitely not! Women are the same. Take their mood to the stars and you got a solid relationship.

It’s simple too. Guide her to delightful shared moments: Your first kiss. An escapede at the beach. A getaway to Maui. Oh… and yes…

**Make her laugh. **

Take her to memories when she was bubbling over some cute thing that happened to both of you.

Or bring her to a comedy club. Or check out a funny show.

Laughter is magic. Laughter erases heavy feelings. Laughter opens the rest of the day to wondrous expectations.

Work on her emotions and she’ll work on you.

Joseph R. Plazo is a busy man. He had been directing multiple enterprises since he achieved financial independence at 22. While juggling corporate endeavors, he writes books and relaxes with active sports. Airsoft is his passion.

Today, he connects with men and women all over the world to spread the revolutionary gospel of savvy semantics and behavioral change technologies. His rallying cry is Make Life Magic!