Listening Crystal Device v.4

Listening Crystal Device v.2

remotelly listen to any mp3s

enhanced with multiple eXtreme Cores (from 60x up to 2664x powers!)

Listening Device v.2 is the device build for enhance listening experience and for listening any mp3s, affirmations, Bliss Engine mp3s remotelly. In both cases it’s really easy and don’t require any manifesting knowledge.

In the first case, you just plug audio-input [stereo jack] into your mp3 sound device [mp3-players, i-pods, smartphones, etc] of the Listening Crystak Device v.2 [LCDv.2] and play your favourite music. Alternativelly for the maximum of listening experience through the double jack you can listen music on your headphones and LCDv2 at the same time.

In the second case you have to do two tasks. First place your photo on trend plate and secondly play any choosen mp3 like for example your own recorded affirmations – and go to your daily acivities – the device will remotelly sending the energy your way.

The root-core of this device transmutes music into vibrating energy. Its enhanced with special power stones, crystals and neodymnium magnets.

LCDv2 can be optimized for achieve many of your desires and here are some of them:

  • attract wealth, money, riches

  • attract women, attraction, charisma

  • boost or restore your health

  • attract friends, personal magnetis

  • powerful protection

  • invisibility

There is possibility to programm this device with following energies:

Device can be optimized with special improved Standard Composite for different goals:

  • relaxation (with amethyst)

  • money attraction (with citrine)

  • power (quartz)

  • and other different gems

There are three sizes of LCDv2:

  • Small 60x powers (power output like 8 standard pendants)

  • Medium 96x powers (power output like 12 standard pendants)

  • Large 120x powers (power output like 18 standard pendant)


  • Small $197

  • Medium $316

  • Large $395

Additional programming with Etheric Device:

  • 3 energies – $49

  • 4 energies – $59

  • 5 energies – $69

Prices without eXtreme Cores programming:

  • Small $119

  • Medium $189

  • Large $237

Devices are made upon order – if you want place an order please contact through below Contact Form:

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Custom devices are available.

Last custom device: Holy Bible Listening Device with audio input. Large.