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Meta-Mind Radionic Spells

Radionics Spells


These spells are compiled from various grimoires of Philippine Folk Magick and each of them feature several Power Phrases, all proven throughout the centuries to be efficacious and powerful. According to the books that they come from, they are normally uttered in thought only because some have the tendency to injure certain unseen spirits and elementals who cannot bear to hear the names of God that are called out in these spells.Thus, they are perfect for use in Radionic machines that do not produce sound.Play them through your RMF-Python, RMF-Anaconda, RMF-Sidewinder, Meta-Mind Dialyzer, Meta-Mind Minimax or Audio Manifestor. They are perfect compliments to these products. Similarly, they will also work with machines from other manufacturers such as the Welz PCHD and the Xtrememind Godcaster. If you do not have an Audio-enabled Radionic box, these spells may still be used with candles. Click hereAfter payment we have to manually email to you (via the e-mail address you used for Paypal) the .rar password for the spell you’ve ordered. Estimated time of deliver spell/s to your email box is from 1-3 days (usually within 48 hours).Fair warning tho for those who would share, upload or download the spells when unauthorized. The same class of spells as those presented here protect Meta-Mind Enterprises from Intellectual Property theft.


Here are the spells and their descriptions:
(payments options below spells descriptions)


The General Charm Spell

A short but powerful concoction of self-directed love nostrums designed to make yourself charming to the general public. Use this spell on yourself or on a friend who is about to make a public appearance or presentation, or you may just routinely use this spell so you will be well-liked by the general public. Play it on your radionics box with your own picture or witness as target, or place a glass of water on your device with this spell playing and drink the water after 10-20 minutes. You may also program a talisman or a quartz crystal by placing the article on your device while playing this spell.We give this as a gift to the public at large and request a mere donation of USD$1.00 for it. It’s efficacy has already been proven by tens of testers.

General Charm Spell

Donation: USD$1.00

or Download:

GenCharm Spell v.1:

GenCharm Spell v.2:


“Poder”, which translated from Filipino means “Power”, is a calling out to the Higher Spirits for Power. Normally done as a prelude to spellcasting to call in the energies needed for the operation, Poder spells can also act as General Protection spells and can also be used as a general “wish” spell. Place your own picture or witness on your radionic machine while playing this spell. It has the general effect of increasing the width of your aura and strengthening it and at the same time provides protection from psychic attack. As mentioned, it also gives you the internal power requisite for spellcasting.Place the Poder spell in your playlist before other spells are played. This will call the various entities and energies that will power the subsequent spells played.As a general rule, Poder chants serve as the Preamble of all Philippine Folk Magick spells and all of the spells featured here have a short version of a Poder spell. This one however, is much longer and calls many more spirits to assist in the manifestation of your desires.

Poder Spell
USD $ 75 (+VAT if applicable)

Ultra Luck and Wealth Spell

Compiled from various grimoires, spells that give you ultra-luck and wealth have been incorporated into this spell.Place your picture or witness into your device and play this spell soundtrack. Alternatively, you may charge water by playing this spell on your radionics device and then drinking it after 10-20 minutes. You may also create your own “lucky charms” by placing the article on your radionics machine and playing this soundtrack, thus charging your article and converting it into a luck and wealth talisman. Watch your fortunes grow as you continuously transform yourself into a Wealth magnet !Ultra Luck and

Wealth Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)

Super Intelligence Spell

Need that extra mental boost for a demanding day at work or at school ? Want to ace an exam or excel at a presentation that requires top-notch mental performance ? Run this spell on yourself or charge water through your Audio-enabled radionics box with this spell playing and drink the water. Your mind will be amazing !

Super Intelligence Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)

Strength and Endurance Spell

The Strength and Endurance Spell is a compendium of power words, names and phrases designed to give you that physical boost you need for a grueling day at work or at sport. Play this spell through your Audio-enabled radionics device with yourself as the target and leave this on for the entire day that you need the power. Alternatively, you may also charge water with this spell through your Audio-enabled radionics machine and drink the water for an almost instantaneous effect.

Strength and Endurance Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)

General Healing Spell

This spell is a compendium of very powerful healing chants and oraciones (prayers) used by traditional Manggagamots (healers) of the Philippine Islands .The Oraciones chosen in this compendium are of a general nature and are used to heal a wide range of diseases. Testing of this spell to date has aided one (1) cancer victim to full recovery, albeit, this recovery was also aided with Western medicine. For extreme cases such as terminal diseases, we recommend that a cocktail of spells which include the General Healing Spell, the Strength and Endurance Spell and the Longevity spell be included in the playlist for treating a terminally-ill patient. No FDA approval required nor sought.

General Healing Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)

Longevity Spell

This spell is a compendium of oraciones which are supposedly able to prolong the life of a person. As of date, it has not been fully tested yet due to time constraints as tests for longevity may take a disproportionate amount of time to gather results. Play this spell on an Audio-enabled Radionics machine with yourself or the person you’re helping as the target. Alternatively, the spell can be used to charge water with its intent and ingested. Also a very good addition to the General Healing Spell when used on terminally-ill patients.

Longevity Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)

Supercharm Spell

Our Beta-testing period hit ! The Supercharm spell is a collection of Philippine Folk Magick Love Nostrums designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Imagine being checked out constantly, being asked for your number or being stalked on Facebook. This spell first energizes your aura and then fills it with the signature of charm, sexiness and attractiveness. This same spell is incorporated in MLF da Babe 3.0 and has brought that product from the already awesome state of of MLF da Babe 2.0 to the metaphysically supercharged form that became MLF da Babe 3.0.Play this spell through your Audio-enabled radionics box with yourself or the person you’re helping as the target. Alternatively, you can charge water using your Audio-enabled radionics box while playing this spell . It will turn the water into a Supercharm potion, which you must drink immediately after retrieving from the machine. Also, try charging perfume with this spell and spray it on yourself. You will be astounded by how much attention you will get from the opposite sex. Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely proud of this one. This is THE BOMB.

Supercharm Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)


Psychic Protection Spell

This Psychic Protection spell is a long and extremely powerful compendium of Defensive Magick Oracions and Chants that is guaranteed to fend off and even stop psychic attacks on your person or your loved ones. Many elements have been incorporated into this spell to include :1. Enlarging and strengthening your aura and creating an impenetrable Auric Shield2. Physical Protection (Cabal)3. Spells for safety while travelling (Kaligtasan)4. Blinder spells to make you invisible to Astral enemies.(Pambulag)5. Avoidance spells that help you avoid enemies both in the Astral and Physical planes(Taguliwas)6. And the infamous Witch Arrows, which automatically retaliates with Psychic Attackswhenever you are being attacked psychically.

This spell not only protects you, it deters Psychic attackers from continuing their malevolent activities by damaging their astral bodies as they proceed. Truly a masterpiece of the magickal arts.Play it through your Audio-enabled Radionics machine with yourself as the target or charge water through your machine while this spell is playing and drink the water.

Ultra-Protection Spell
USD $75 (+VAT if applicable)



If you have any question feel free to ask via: [at the end of page there is contact form]

After download you can play them via your radionics devices with audio-input as soon as you receive these magic reality influence spell mp3s.

The password is emailed thru Payloadz after payment to your email address (sometimes with little delay, don’t panic).


We wish you super-charge of your reality and a lots of success!


Additional Tips:

– charge with this spells diffrent things like lighters, or money bills

– put your teapot on the chi-generator and charge your tea with choosen spell

– record your affirmations and play the at the same time with choosen spell

(with this way, your photo on the chi-generator is unnecessary)

Write your success story in comments

Other conmments:

Any guarantees regarding their effectivenes?

I can guarantee these spells works – unless you are too much energy sensitive,

and too much fast chi-overload – in this case please use smaller rad-devices.

The super-charm spell works very fast.

You can try the free spell: General Charm:

GenCharm Spell v.1:

GenCharm Spell v.2:

and see how it works for you.

Indeed these spells are especially design for rad-devices with audio-input.

With candles works but much less.

At the beging try this free spell – before ordering one of the paid,

and see how its works for you.

For me the best is super-charm and protection one.

There aren’t guarantees – but yes, please try this free one,

and you will see.

how long should i play them to get immediate result?

It is variable. For learning intellect spell works after few hours at SerenityGTR1000 – new ideas, more easy material comprehension, etc.

For attraction super charm spell may shows visible results at the first day after 2-4 hours continuously play at rad device,

Some people are more sensitive to what happen in their reality,

and can notice small changes faster.

When I use super charm after 2 hours via rad-evolution I meet on my way a lots more women, and some shows interests towards me,

The general healing spell works the best on small chi gens giving smooth well being effects, changing the attitude.

The protection spell after 2-4 hours via small radbox gives indeed cool effects like less or none of aggressive people on my way.

It is said that spells should be used for longer periods for stable and more permanent results anyway I noticed that for short periods of time these spells works as well.

Before order try this general charm free spell. Also while ordering try one no more than 2 spells instead of many, with one or two spells you can focus on what you want – much better.

poder spell?

Yes, you can use poder spell before each of spell you choose to play. As well you can record your own affirmations and mix or play at the same time with the spell – in this way you customize spell for your own desires recorded in affirmations – for energize general affirmation poder spell is very good. For healing affirmation the general healing spell and for love/attraction affirmations super-charm spell and so on.

Alternativelly if youwould like to heal something realted to love/sex/attraction – you may try recording affirmations and play them once with genral-healing spell and once with super-charm spell.

More tips:

How to play affirmations/afformations with spells?

You can play the same affirmations(statments) or afformations(questions) with both spells.

If you play spells from your computer try Winamp Player and check in options: “allow multipy instances”, in this way you can open two “Winamps” and play in one the spell or two spells,and in second your affirmations or afformations.

Other option is to mix them in any audio editing software,
if you dont have one, or can’t find time for searching right freeware,
please send the files to me, I will done it and send mixed back to you.
It mostly depends about your affirmations are, if they are for money, wealth, it is good to mix them with wealth and luck spell, if they are partly for money and for example health poder is good, however poder spell is good for all kinds of affirmaitons to play with, even wealth, money, success.
Is is good to use spells 24hours per day?
24 hours per day is good but I guess it is a bit unhealthy – at the same time think that you set spell for whole 24 hours – after week of doing like that you could feel a bit stress out, and your quality of sleep can decrease – as well you could get slight chi-overload.There is questions – what is more important – your health or the goal you have set up. Generally I recommend to use spells during the day. For example you wake up 6am and then run the spell and turn it off 2-4 hours before sleep.The 24hr a day in my opinion is hardcore version. You could easily understand that any rad-box generate energy and when you run meta-mind radionics spell on it, it constantly bombarding you (your body, aura, energetic system, everything about you) with energy. While some people are senstive to this kind of chi energy and others don’t, the stimulation for 24hr a day is really not good for you, and your health. You can really achieve a lot more when you are healthy and strong, than restelss and tired – in this case it is better to use spells when you are awake.

Is is good to use spells 24hours per day? #2

With rad-device its better to attack your goal within time intervals, few spells (1-3 hours) and time before them, then playing spells thru 24 hours non stop.

Tips update 10 June 2015 – I made experiment and charge my clothes with different spells – the effect is stunning. As well I made experiment I called “Armour of God” – firstly I charged my karate’s kimono with Reiki/&BioTherapy and than add some Jobet’s spells via Longhorn – gosh – I was like Ancient Warrior. You can do the same. You may lay your clothes on rad-device, chi-gen with audio input overnight and wear it after than – you will radiate with anything you want – it may be Supercharm or ProtectionSpell. While I used these charged clothes I felt very refreshed and charged. I recommend it to anyone who like experimenting and it open to such stuff.