Metaphysical Devices and XSigils FAQ

Metaphysical Devices and XSigils FAQ

This FAQ is regarding products like XSigils, Virtual Psionics (VRads), 5 and 7 Archangels Devices, Candle Standard and Exponential Spells.

In help of these metaphysical devices, tools you can improve your life or solve many difficult problems.

Question 1: Difficult problem, can you help? […]

It’s indeed difficult case but in my opinion it’s doable.

I would recommend XSigil for it – especially it’s automatic and your all job with it will be close to:

1. Chant few words one per week or daily if needed.

2. Keep the printed XSigil near you, or at your home.

[Picture of you will be required]

And that’s all. Candles could be good to but:

Before we can help you, I would like to ask you to check your level of sensitivity to energy,

in help of this article:

How Effective are SMF’s Mp3s and Audio Talismans?

If you feel anything from the files (in zip folder), like for example 100x or 4000x or the most powerful 20,000x [try to listen to it with “loop” mode with your headphones] for 1-4 hours and see if feel anything from it or not.

After you done it write me back, so we will know your “level of sensibility to our energies” and in this way

I will be able to choose the more accurate solution for your case.