Online Dating & Facebook Etiquette

What is the correct online dating and Facebook etiquette if you run into an unattractive women?

Well chances are if you did run into her you did not follow the proper online dating etiquette and screening process.

That’s because you don’t know how to impress a girl online.

Remember, before you even agree to meet up with a woman, always ask for a photo or something like that so you can tell what she looks like. Also, do not only ask for one, get a few from a various angles (it is amazing what a woman looks from another angle). Do yourself a favor and screen out the scary women before they get to eat you alive!

What do with ugly girls?

If you are wondering how to get her photo without looking like a jerk, just casually say something to her like this (assuming you two are engaged in an interesting dialogue of messages already and this is not your first message to her). “Hey, I was just wondering if you had any cool photos of yourself? Preferably doing something interesting and fun – that way I can tell if you are one of those girls who takes herself too seriously so I can run away from you”. If you say something like that in a non threatening way, you come across as being genuine and it does not make you look like a creep.

It is very important to give women the impression that you just want to see her having fun and you are not actually checking her out. Otherwise it would be bad online dating etiquette!

But, what do you do if she’s actually ugly and unattractive? Should you just run? Well no. Not yet anyway!

Ugly women tend to have attractive friends, so if you can befriend her and make her one of your friends it is even better! You don’t really want to burn bridges because you might never know she could be best friends with a few hotties and you don’t want to be seen as that shallow jerk who just rejected her after looking at her photos.

However, if she really is that bad and she won’t introduce her friends to you and she wants to dig her warpig paws into your skin – then you have to make sure you know how to avoid the situation casually. For example, just tell her that you won’t be going online that often anymore because of [insert unavoidable commitment here] and that it would be great to keep in contact with her. Then ask for her contact, except you can just accidentally lose it. This way you can make your escape without looking like a complete jerk and you make the situation comfortable for both people involved.


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