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3 Weird Online Dating Facts…

Okay, here are a few simple questions for you: how many times have you browsed an online dating website, but immediately got turned off after reading their cheesy dating tips? Do you have a problem believing that “having a good profile picture, mentioning something from her profile in a message, asking her something that she can reply to” are realistic tips that would work for the average guy? Did you know that over 90% of men give up on online dating with the first three months because of lack of results? Does this sound a little familiar to you? If so, keep on reading.

If you feel that you’re clueless on how to get a girlfriend online, it might comfort you to know that MOST men are feeling this way. So, if you’re in need of some solid, real dating tips for the online world, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three tips that will ensure you some great results.

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Don’t Date Online

What?! Alright, hear me out. You need to understand the difference between meeting someone online and dating someone online. You see, online dating websites are the perfect way to meet women…and that’s all they’re good for. If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, and in turn a girlfriend, then you have to know how to get off of the internet and out into the world.

To do this, you need to avoid most of the online dating tips out there, since they all just tell you how to send and respond to messages. But, what about when the conversation starts to need more than a few sentences and a smiley face? Because it will – sooner or later you’ll need to meet in person, because physical attraction is a huge part of a relationship. Plus, have you ever built a great relationship by e-mail or phone and found that there was nothing there in person? What a waste of time! Especially since people can lie and post as many outdated photos as they want, but they can’t hide behind a computer in real life. So don’t waste your time dating online, simply use it as a place to meet potential matches. Then, go out and get to know her the old fashioned way – in person!

Timing Counts…a Lot

This is probably one of the most valuable online dating tips for men that you’ll ever learn- send all of your e-mails on Saturday and Sunday morning. Seem weird? Well, that’s because you’re a man, and timing isn’t as big of a deal. However, women are completely different, and when a man pursues them is almost as important as how he does it.

So, listen up. Most women that are on a dating website will get a lot of emails, and since they want to take a moment or two and reply with a decent message, most go without responding Monday through Friday. But then the weekend comes, and it’s time to go out – now the woman is online, ready for some fun, and wanting to meet a guy. So, if your message comes first in her inbox, it has a better chance of getting a response over the one on the bottom, from Monday morning.

And your final online dating tip…

The Long and Short of Emailing

There are three basic steps for sending a message to a woman you’ve found on a dating website. First, make sure the message is readable! This mean you need to keep it simple – under 100 words – and easy to understand – no major misspellings or huge slang usage. Next, you need to send a followup email if you don’t hear from her – but don’t send more than one. There’s a difference between persistence and being desperate. And finally, position yourself as a man of value. Mention some positive traits about yourself, not that you’re lonely and haven’t taken a shower in three days. You need to make her want to know more about you!

So get back in the game, and put these to work right away.

With these online dating tips in your tool box, you’ll shoot ahead of all those other guys out there, and soon you’ll have the woman of your dreams right inside your inbox.

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