Order of Domination

Order of Domination

dominate your life and any situation you are in

This mp3 is made with Bliss Engine v.3 and use Audio Spells design for take control over life, the different situations. Dominate space and makes people follow your moves, energy and attention [at subconscious level]. It is not limited to the above – there are also strong suggestions for controling energy fields and some additional suggestion to make listener feels like mystical god.

It’s all about becoming the only one autority in your universe and get rid of people which try to influence you or change your will (in most cases their intentions are not clear or they do it for satisfy their own EGO). The emphasis of this mp3 deal with issue of strong personality and tangible feeling that is my own life and I am the ultimate ruler of it.

In todays world when people play power-games which can induce tensions, feelings like being under pressure, stress and different types of misconceptions about self-identity. These issues can lead to lack of confidence and low self-esteem. By analizing social interactions – main role playing things which are mostly hidden at unconscious levels with including into it the personal energy. Most typical positive side effect after using powerful tools are slight signs that people tend to follow by attention and energy [personal energy] of the power listener [or user of metaphysical tools like gems, pendants, chi-gens]. Our society is far away from the unconditional-love’s societies described by many new age authors. There is no chances in near future to implement these spiritually rasied ideas about uncoditional-love’s behaviors – there is too much fear and old-age order of dominance. Main intention of this mp3 is to put listener on the top of energetic dominance over other people and therefore feel good, safe and confortable. To be resistant and free from any of these power-games and LEAD the space anywhere you can be, any situation. Finally to take initiative and make others accept your autority.

Quesion with being your own autority is one of the most important as it goes with being your ture self and enjoy your life the way you want to – and not as others would like to. Being free, dominant and self-confident enough to not let other telling you what you should to do, and how to do. It is also related with taking responsibility of your own life. Do not allow other people or unrecognized, unknown, unidentified idea of fate that determined shape of your own desired life.


Following Audio Spells has been programmed within the audio track:

  • Marchosias – He is a strong fighter. He was of the Order of Dominations. [main Audio Spell]

  • 4th Energy of  Mars – Great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.

  • 2nd Energy of the Sun – Serves to repress the pride and arrogance of those who oppose the owner’s wishes & plans.

  • Archangel Zadkiel (Tzadkiel) – guidance in creating wealth; fortune; royalty; rulership; renown; kingships; improve making money mind-sets; achieve freedom; helps in all matters related to wealth, money, abundance, prosperity.

  • Self-confidence Audio Spell

Mp3s sound track is also programmed with these affirmations and suggestions:

  • I am dominant

  • I am powerful and strong

  • I have rock-solid will-power

  • I have strong sense of my own personality

  • I have very strong personality

  • I am firm, resolute, consistent

  • I am much more powerful then my weakness

  • I have very strong psyche

  • I am dominant in any relationships with women


  • I am emotionally strong

  • My emotions are stable and under my control

  • I completly and deeply believe in myself

  • I am always self-confident

  • My energy field is powerful

  • I am resistant to any negative, foreign energies


  • I vibrate with powerful Divine energy

  • People love me. People feel deep respect towards me at unconscious level

  • People tend to follow me.

  • People follow my energy

  • My attention and energy is highly focused on my highest good

  • My vibrations are most high and powerful

  • People see and feel like I am one of the Greek Gods

  • People repsect me and give me their initiative

  • Wherever I am, I rule and own the place

  • I lead the space and all people around

  • I take the initiative [effortlessly and automatically]

  • Other men tend to follow by me

  • My energy field makes people to follow by me in every situation

  • I create new value

  • I have great connection to my heart

  • I am dominant and powerful

  • I own each social situation

  • Only I am resposible for everything what happens in my life

  • My “fate” is only created by me

Audio has been created with HIGH FOCUS MODULE – which supercharges and increase precision of affirmations and suggestions.

Listening Tips: Optionally to achieve stable and permanent effects listen 30-60 minutes per day for 14-40 days. You may listen more as long it is comfortable for you. Bliss Engine v.3 is most powerful version of Bliss Engine – so pay attention to your body. If you will listen more then 5-6 hours per day there is a chance that you experience slight chi-overload.
The best if you listen with high quality headphones [bandwidth at least 25,000Hz]. You may listen on hq headphones for 30-60 minutes then switch on hq earphones.


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