Pendants FAQ

Magical Pendants FAQ


1. What are magic pendants?

Magic pendants based on Willhelm Reich discoveries – each pendant use orgone (chi/prana/mana/ki) energy – and can be programmed for achieving specific goals.

2. How to use them?

Pendant’s energies activate within 5-10 centimeter from your body. The best if you wear it on your neck – and pendant hang near your heart area. In this way energies are balanced.

You can as well keep pendant is your left or right pocket. If you keep it in left pocket – it will additionally activate “charm” energies, the “yin”, female ones – it can be useful for example if you need to settle the matter at the town hall, or you need more charm on date with your girlfriend and you would like to convince her to do something.
When you put it into your right pocket (right side of them body – yang – male) – you will get more Alpha vibes – it can be useful in many situations when you would like to be more bold, determined – and have higher self-esteem/confidence.

3. Can I sleep with my pendant/s?

Generally it is better to sleep without any “stimulators” – because sleep time is the best time when your body gets rest naturally – and during sleep happens the auto-healing and regeneration of your physical body and other subtle bodies. It is very important to sleep with optimal conditions for “re-born” and wake up refreshed.
This is very popular question – and it’s driven by “not very healthy ambition” within the meaning of “better and faster results” of tools which are used during the day. But trust me – you will get better result if you sleep without any “energy tools” and without listening to any “subliminals or magic mp3s”. Sleep is great natural healer. And there is second part of it – if you sleep with your pendant/s – you may feel little tension on next day – some people (especially those less sensitive) ignore that fact and as well don’t feel any “little tension” during the day – and I must admit that these tension may accumulate and lead to creating stress – that’s because person which use “metaphysical” tools treat his goals of achieving the things he desire much more important than health (just because he do not know about it – or do not have enough knowledge at the certain period or time – or feels physically that strong, for example because is still young and very healthy – that just ignore fact that physical body require some rest).
So it’s up to you. For your the best results I recommend do not sleeping with pendant/s. I am sure that if you take your pendant off before sleep and you will not sleep with it – you will have much greater results – especially because you will have re-generated and more restful after night. That’s at least this Aristotelian Golden Rule – so called the “principle of balance and moderation” in all aspects of your life.

4. How fast I can see results/effects?

With some type of pendants you may noticed results within 1-3 days. It also depends if you pay attention to yourself as well to this what happen in your life everyday. Seeing result is related to see “casue and effect” in your daily life. For example if you drink coffee – you are able to see instant effect in your mood and physical body. Not all people pay attention to causes of their current situation. Note of effects can be as well much more easy to do – for so called “energy sensitive” persona – they for example may feel energy much better than all other people and can perceive subtle and less subtle changes in their daily routine and reality.
My trusted friend used 8x M-Tech Motivation pendant for 3 weeks – in first week – he said he do not felt much changes in his life – but I have seen that he started working with enthusiasm, become more focused and seems to be very enjoyable at his work. Even I have asked him after 2 weeks of wearing by him this motivation pendant – he replayed me that he really don’t see much – but from my perspective – he was going thru his work and home tasks like “Terminator” – after 3 weeks – we have talk about effectiveness of this pendant and he really admitted that – yes, something change – he started get organized with his all job tasks, having better time management and as he confirmed he lost completely his “lazy-state of mind”. He also confirmed that he reduce 8 cups of coffee into 3-4 per day!!
Another friend, which use 5x M-Tech Motivation pendant confirmed the same thing with coffee. He also reduced percent of consumption of this “get me high” beverage.

5). The pendants are programmed forever, right ?

That’s true – they are programmed forever. They are made out of orgonite,
and when you use them for long period of time, not very much but they absorb some of your energy,
I add to each of them some of special gems which have abilities to self-clearing such as citrine.

6). It is possible if person has other energy products in some way to change programs in them ?

If person use other metaphysical tools – with these pendants – the end effect will be like energetic “mix”,
in physical reality – it is as well important where you keep these tools.
For example if you use lust ruby in right pocket and women approach me pendant in left,
end result you should have great alpha vibes and super charm and you should have great
attention from ladies. Plus if you have women approach me pendant is left – it will automatically
get your social status up and you will be out of the attention’s range of other guys.

7). Can you make pendant with 2 or 3 programs wtitin it ? For example, for money, love and healing in one pendant and the price is the same ?

Yes, one pendant may has up to 3 different energies, exactly as you wrote that, energy for money, for love and healing
in one pendant and it has one, the same price. You order one physical pendant made out of metaphysical components,
that are composed/built along to Wilhelm Reich and Karl Welz discoveries – price depend from
components used in making special composite which generate/produce constantly – the orgone, chi energy,
and price do not depend from quantity of energies encoded into one physical pendant.
Generally pendant may have more than 3 energies – however it’s effect could be energetically blurred,
focused on many goals, and could lead to nowhere, it’s like you try to focus on 5 different things and can’t achieve one goal after another. Based on my own experience and customers experience – 3 energies in one pendant seems to worked ok.
Anyway, I am supporter of 1 or 2 energies.
Many people as well me – because of today’s world “crazy speed” – would like to accomplish many things at once.
It is understandable, that’s the same story or similar with question “can I use pendants while I am sleep” (if you see similarity). That’s about effectiveness (current limitations related to “Time” and “Space”) – and it is easy to realize that if you focus on one or 2 goals in help of any pendant, you will have better chances to achieve it, than trying win many things at once. It could be as well the question of patience and positive thinking and success mind-set.
I hope that I explain some of dynamics of how to use these pendants and why 1 up to 3 energies in one pendant
are or should be more desired than many.

8). How fast I can see results from “money” attracting pendants?

– Take time up to 2 weeks. Some people report that something starts to happening in their businesses within 1 week – however 2 weeks is period of time when first sign of money attraction should be visible. For more stable effects please use it everyday for 30 days.

9). I can’t wear all of them on a chain at the same time, so can I put one or two in a pocket with a chi-transfer disk that I carry from my Radx? Are they ok to use with other chi pendants?

Yes, you may wear them in different pockets. Chi-transfer links will multiply their effectiveness.
It is okay to use them with another chi-pendants. However I do not recommend to place them on the trend plate
of radionic devices.

10). Is there any way to remove the writing from them?

I think you could do it with any natural or chemical solvent. They have description because in my few years
of experimentation with different pendants I finally got lost which pendant is the one I use,
so I decide to add small descriptions. You may try remove it as well with fine sandpaper.

11). Is it safe for me to put a layer of epoxy or something on the outside of them to protect them when I carry them? I don’t want them to get chipped.

Maybe they seems to be very fine, but they aren’t. They are pretty durable. I think it’s not necessary.

12). What type of women I can attract with Hypnotic Attraction Pendant?

It’s not personalized, it’s attract all types of women, all of them, and if you keep using it, it will attract some women more and some less, generally it’s gets personalized to your energy signature over the time.

You will see that it works differently if you wear it in your left pocket, or right or on your chest, sometimes it’s better to use it in home on your chest and before go out put it into your left pocket for full charm effect.

Also, you would consider to join sport or better yoga class (there a lots of women always) so you will not taking women from round-up, from streets, and it will be much easier to meet new women there, or think any other place, where you can join and where there are women, anything you like, it can be tenis, theater discussion club, any place where are women. Generally I do not recommend searching women in clubs and bars, however it is pertty pleasurable to go there with such pendant, but before you go, try to learn to use it and get a bit familiar with it, so you know what effects you got after using it on your chest, and what after using it in left or right pocket, therefore dependently from situation you can switch it’s positions, than being wonder why of results/effects of this pendant – sometimes with pendants 8x up to 12x – the positions play huge role. It’s like a game with it, and little experience is required. For example I love to going into these different clubs and bars from time to time just to feel on top, experience some causal meeting with different women, talk to them a bit, getting eye contact and catching big waves from women. My favourite combo is Women Approach You in left pocket and 2nd Jupiter on chest – or HypnoticAttraction in Left and 2nd Jupier on chest.

13). How these pendants look like, are they have any ornaments? What about effectiveness?

Yes, these pendants do not have any super ornaments, they are made out of special cores, which was charged by great magi (M-Tech), and I use these cores to making these pendants, additionally each pendant both Standard and Advanced are made out of the orgonite, which goal/task is to energize these cores, I tired making smaller ones (around 1 cal diameter) but I realize there was not enough of orgonite – to give desired energy output. These pendants are set for effectiveness AND not very much for their appearance, however their look is not bad, I recommend to keep them under clothing, so they works confidentially, and no one ask you what it is. These pendants marked as “M-Tech” are made in cooperation with guy which is expert in Magic of Hermetic, he charged cores, which I use. It’s pure magic stuff. 5th Dimensional cores are made by MetamindTechnologies, and eXtreme cores are made with cooperation of my great friends as well great magicians.
14). If I wear love (for example Women Approach Me and KS Love) pendants, will different women approach me automatically for love and sexual relationships?
Good question. I can’t guarantee that within 1 day of wearing of this Women Approach Me pendant you jump into wild sex with random woman 🙂 However after around 2-5 days of wearing it you will be approached by different women, some will want just to ask something,

some other would like your help and some other may want to experience sex adventure with you. I tested it few days – for example while trip to another Country, been there 3 days, and keep wearing 2nd Jupiter [2x](M-Tech) (on chest) with Women Approach Me (left pocket), and sometimes at chest too, I have been approached by two girls at club, and than later on when I fly to home, a girl at airport asked me for help, and we together have a nice chat with Kino in airplane, she gives me her telephone# and email, and invite me to visit her in her city [in that another Country], and it was after 3 days of use it. One guy from Pennsylvania is approached by random women everyday [or almost everyday], and as he wrote me – he is a bit lazy and do not have much initiative – so he just let go and talk with these girls, different women, but he just enjoy it, he do not doing anything with it; – there is one step ahead, you don’t need to approach first, but it also dependent from you and your initiative if you move it forward and you do it, and do something from it, build rapport, eventually leave good impression on girl, etc. These pendants are pretty effective, as well as eXtreme 3rd Venus one, however it is up to you what you do with these powers, for example you could be approached by very beautiful women – and it partly depends from you, your appearance, your behavior what happen next.

It also depends from your personal energy, I have friend who tired all stuff from the internet including karl welz, xtrememinds, etc, mlf-da-babe, etc etc and nothing works for him, once i have asked him how much he ejaculate per week, he said 3-4 times, I told him to work over it, after few years he got into once per 2 weeks, he told me that is pay huge difference, he got charm, he got attention, and all stuff he ever ordered works much better. Yep, I just would like to write that personal power or energy, is the thing that pay pretty huge role. People do many things for improving personal energy – they take care of theirselves by doing physical exercises, cultivating good diet, and do something as controlling ejaculation’s frequency, and of course positive thinking.

Weak guys usually finish last, while even ugly ones with good power get laid much often with random women. As well I could recommend you join something as joga class or drama class – so you can increase your chances of being approached by type of women in which you are interested in [then taking women from street’s round-up].

15). Can pendants be programmed with multiple purposes? Like sex and money? 

Can be programmed with multiple purposes, however at the begining I would recommend taking pendant focused on one issue, topic.

Sex & Money in one pendant is possible, however I have never fully tested this combination of these two different, even like opposite energies.

There is an mp3 at website with mix of these energies, “the experiment mp3”. Generally, both pendant for money only – works, and pendant for sex, attraction, love only – works, if the mix will be done, I really don’t know what to expect.

16). When I can see that my pendant works?

The effects should appear after 1-3 days. Indeed the ability to see effects in the individual issue,
the personal one, however it works independantly from wearer/user abilities that allow seeing instant results.
From the logic side, its the item which has specific vibration focused on creating sexual attraction,
so if you keep it near your body, it will change your energetic field, without your faith if this works or not.
Indeed your question is a bit regarding general beliefs about such items, like this pendant,
or I am wrong here, anyway according to the theory of “visualization” of the mind,
permanent change of your mind should happen in period of 14-30 days,
while you keep it near your body, it change your field, and indirectly change your mind,
if this happening everyday for at least 14-30 days, your mind gonna to change,
accordingly to the vibs of this pendant.
I think its personal ability to see how object, item, can change reality, and how fast
person will realize this fact. I have very few (1) pendants/mp3s tester,
they usually giving me feedback within 1-2 days, sometimes very detailed.
As my friend, Dana K. (Melchizedek) told me once, believe that it works,
and it’s power will even more powerful.
(Its related to this, when you worry – you are creating the specific energy of doubt,
and it disrupts the vibrations of pendant, item, etc).