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Feedbacks updated at: 5 October 2015

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M-Tech: Thiis pendant definitely works I see more hot women than ever before. I am even now sleeping with it in my pillow and carrying it everywhere (5 June 2014, Love Pendant [gen1.5])

M-Tech: The pendant definitely works, I do notice a lot of smiles and deep looks in eyes (after 2 days of use, Love Pendant [gen1.5])

M-Tech: It is good and seems to become stronger with time. I always see women checking me out and preening around me, they seem to preen as soon as they see me (28 May Love Pendant [gen 0,5])

M-Tech: The pendant I’m using seems to make women randy. I was driving my car and this lady in front of me could not keep her eyes off of me and kept twirling her hair and wanted my attention (7 May Love test pendant [gen 0,5])


M-Tech: My experience with 1x power pendant customized for “2nd Energy of Jupiter – for acquiring glory,honors, riches, & tranquility of mind”: [part of email] I made pendant with Jupiter energies for tranqulity of the mind, glory, honors, riches – aboslutelly got surprised – it’s came out very impressive – just back from shopping complex and I am really amazed by this what I have seen – people react to me like I am maybe King or someone very important – women shows me great respect – seen quite a lot of expensive cars of my way and the best of all – I felt this amazing feeling – for which especially I made this pendant – this incredible peace of mind; some people that walk by – just smile to me naturally and friendly – while those who seems to now shows respect usually – now taking their heads down and shows mix of respect-humble kind of fear (?); that’s just amazing!!! This pendant start working around after 30 minutes after wear it and this peace of mind – especially when being around other people is just difficult to describe!! You need to try it yourself [name].
This pendant use Extra Orgonite Composition (but with only very little silver).

M-Tech: Some notes and feedbacks:
1). Person that order from me the Amazing Pendant – exactly 2nd Energy of Jupiter with 2x power – report me great things. Before I write his feedback here I would like mention that this person is totally NOT energy sensitive, partly do not believe in God or any Spirits, or Spiritual World, (this is one of my best friends) when I run on him trend on Rad-Evolution+EnhancedLonghorn for 1 week – this person said me “I don’t feel anything” – and it so excite me what he report about 2nd Jupiter 2x power pendant – firstly he confirm that after around 1-2 days he started feeling difficult to describle peace/tranqulity of mind – and second part – he report something what others don’t – that’s he started to feel and respect himself as well by others – and it was his answer to question if he feels “like a king” when he use this pendant.

2) My female friend regarding 2nd Jupiter 2x power – shortly: she confirm peace and tranqulity of mind – she told me that this pendant makes her day – when she is in work – she reported that she is like a “rock” – and don’t pay attention to people’s l0w esteem games – like she is “over it”. She also noticed increased attention – like some people can’t adore her. She also confirmed that she feels “like a king”.

3). My feedback – regarding Pendant with 1st Mars Energies for “motivation” with 3x powers. Works very fast. After 2 hours of use – I feel unstoppable desire to achieve all my small and bigger goals – and I really accomplish one after another.


Happy Customer Review-
M-Tech: Magic Flow: I received the pendants last week. I just want to give you a thank you, a huge thank you. I have noticed that the mercury pendant works as an amplifier of other items, spells and mp3’s, I don’t want to give too much detail only that it is powerful and works, and the women approach me pendant also works, they smile wave and go out of their way to get my attention, ones I don’t know say hello and act like we know each other. Thank you so much.

M-Tech: Today I wear 6x M-Tech Powerful Protection Standard Orgone Pendant on my neck and in left pocket I have 6x M-Tech Deep Self-Confidence – while being at downtown I feel like my self-confidence is very high – women looks shy when we have got eye contact – some younger women sends waves to me and seems to be ready to flirting. At shops women seems to be a little bit attracted and gets a bit fascinated and sends waves of approval, or keep very happy attitudes towards me. Men seems to be out of the game – some of them looks and behave shy.


God’s Love Pendant Review (Up to 18 June 2015):
I’m enjoying the pendants, I cary the AOJ and the Ultimate money Pendants in my pockets usually and put them near my head when I sleep. As for the God’s Love pendant, since I was having so much trouble with people while carrying it around, I have been keeping it in my bed near my head when I sleep. It’s been a great help when I sleep!
I sleep better and deeper, I have very vivid Dreams! Actually, I have a lot of lucid dreams these days now and I think the God’s Love pendant has been a large part of that!
I also find myself waking up with greater spiritual desire and greater focus on spiritual matters throughout my day! 🙂
It happens almost overnight now, and my dreams are VERY vivid and intriguing!!! Always different, but if I wake up I can lay back down and go right back to the same dream if I work at it! I keep the God’s love pendant sitting on a block of Orgonite I made a long time ago, positioned right above my crown chakra about 3-4 inches away. I’ve never had dreams so deep or Vivid!
I’ve been using the God’s Love pendant continuously for the past 4 days and I must say I’ve had some interesting experiences! 🙂
As For the God’s Love pendant, I have been carrying it with me on the farm for about 7 days now. When I first started carrying it, this energy ran up my spine and filled my chest, it then went up into my third eye and head. I had it in my left breast pocket for about 20 minutes and then I switched it to my right breast pocket which is where I have been carrying it. The energy stayed strong and noticeable for about an hour and then became more gentle and evened out. When it first hit me it felt very good, almost like a charged up invincible feeling! It was quite physically pleasurable too, especially in my chest and head!
Now that I have been carrying it for awhile I look forward to putting it in my pocket in the morning and sleep with it above my head when I lay down. It feels like I’m adding some kind of power to me, but I can’t really define that power. It feels like carrying it will make things better in general, like I’ll have better luck or something, just more optimistic.
My outlook has been more positive, I feel much more at peace most of the time and have faith that everything will turn out OK. I still worry about things and get stressed out sometimes but it’s easier to let them go and focus on just living each part of my day as it comes.
It’s easier to live in the NOW instead of worrying about the future or past.
I’ve also noticed a deepening in my spiritual practices and my prayers, I’m more detailed with them and take them more seriously, but I appreciate and enjoy them more. I have noticed people acting differently to me, even when just texting on my phone or communicating over email, sometimes they are more open to me, and sometimes they seem more closed down than usual.

(eXtreme Pendants slightly mixed with M-Tech – 27.07.2015 by J.K.)

….On the plus side the extreme cores work great.I really like the 2nd pentacle of venus because it naturally made me more proactive.It was also way easier to talk to people.It really attracted girls when in my left pocket too.In my right pocket one funny thing was some teenagers were kind of real comfortable around me. […] I was also on the bus and it was crowded and a bunch of teen girls ended up around me.I was trying not to be close but they didn’t seem to care. One girl rubbed her ass on my junk like it was the only natural thing to do when she got off. These instances only happened when pendant was in my right pocket. In right pocket I was also the most carefree and wanted to talk more to everyone.In left pocket I was a little lazier but everyone was nicer and guys had comraderie with me.I’m carrying the king Solomon 6x in my left pocket but I probably still have residual energies from the other one because I’m still feeling gung-ho.I’ll go back to the affirmation one soon after I test out the others.I only had a single instance when an Asian woman at my job(attractive,tall,early thirties) saw me and may have cut her goodbyes to colleagues short.I held the door for and she thanked me and looked at me slightly longer than necessary.That could have been because of the venus pentacles though.All in all I think the pendant is cool whether the affirmations work or not.I kind of wish I had asked for the affirmations by themselves so I would know for sure.

(eXtreme Pendants mixed with M-Tech – 04.08.2015 by J.R.)
I already LOVE the God’s Love pendant I have. I’ve noticed a difference when carrying the King Solomon Asian attract pendant and the 3x Hypnotic Love pendant. I must say, I have been using/carrying the God’s Love pendant non-stop since it got here and I LOVE IT! I even sleep with it! 🙂
The WAM pendant seems to be noticeably successful as well, I certainly notice more women approaching me for various reasons when I go out and I seem to be getting more attention from them than I have in the past.

Either way, I’m enjoying the pendants and I carry them with me everywhere on my person to build up the effect they have upon me and my energy field, I even keep them next to me when I sleep. 🙂
I’ve certainly noticed effects from the Attraction ones, both the Hypnotic Attraction one and the Asian KOS ones have been quite interesting during the times I’ve been able to be out and about. 🙂

The Money drawing ones have certainly been noticeable as well, but not just in drawing more money to me, they also seem to draw better deals to me in making purchases and so forth, such as getting discounts.

(eXtreme Love Pendant – 2nd Venus, 3rd Venus, Zepar with Nature Elemental – 27.09.2015 by J.H.)

I am now truly happy to report that this new pendant is amazing. I havne’t bee n approached by any of the women that have checked me out but it definitely causes very high attraction. Women smile at me and go out of their way to make sure I see them looking at me. It is so powerful and great. Thank you so much.
[…] I also notice that I mostly oonly affecting attractive women while wearing this pendant so its nice.

(eXtreme Pendants 12x or 14x – 01-11-2015 by J.B.)

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