Personalized NSigils

Personalized NSigils 



Possible applications:

  • Virtual Psionics (VirtualRADX, Virtual Psionics3000VX, Virtual God Caster, Virtual God Caster Ultra, Virtual God Caster Odin)
  • Radionics Softwares (XCasterUltra2018, XCaster2015, Karl’s Super Manifestation, Basic Manifestation)
  • Personalized eXtreme Pendnats/devices made by SMF&HT4Y.
  • Classical Radionic (JU99, Rad2400HD, UltraRADLonghorn, Serenity-1000GTR, Imagine, GodCaster-Ultra and other rad-devices/machines)
  • Paper radionic like Moonshadow’s symbolic devices, diagram devices like paper Hieronymus Devices, Magnetron, etc. etc.
  • Optionally, you can print them and use as wallpaper.

NSigils are limited to one main theme, like for example:
  • Motivation
  • Rabid Will-power
  • Extreme Attraction
  • Access to Akashic Records
  • Extreme Wealth Attraction
  • Chakra Balance
Within one theme, for example Rabid Will-power, you can describe with details your goal, for example:
  • I have powerful will-power
  • I control all my sexual urges
  • I don’t give up
  • I master quickly my Hara Chakra
  • My will is stronger than any of my weaknesses
  • I am receiving insights and intuition from my Guardian Angel to completely master my will-power in each aspect of my life.
Another example: Chakra Balance:
  • Balancing all Charkas, energies within the body, meridians, female and male energies.
  • Balance Chakras & Body Energies
  • Total Harmony & Balance
  • That’s all about stuff related to subtle energies, chakras, meridians, aura, etc., female, male energy fields
  • Release energy blockages, etc., something that lays as foundation to good health and overall feeling & functioning good.

NSigils can’t hold too many goals at once. If you want many goals at once, better choose XSigils.

While many things are possible with modern magic, some of your goals could not be possible to creating. For example “transmutation of metals into gold”, even it’s appears in  old ages magic grimories, is not possible within the NSigils or Xsigils. Most common goals, wishes – are usually doable. If you want something extraordinary, which by rational mind is hard to achievie, for example “physical teleportation”, or “physical levitation on the day one” – we could not be able to creating it. However there are many, many wishes, and goals whicgh we can “lock” inside the NSigil or custom Xsigil.

In case the topic of your NSigil could be extraordinary and away from rational mind, before purchase, consult with us, your goal.

Personalized NSigil are charged eternally. After few months if they are used at regular basis they become kind of Egregores therefore are more powerful. Even it would be against logic – as long as time pass by – they get’s stronger and their energy field amplify.

Standard NSigils are made upon order and are delivered via email. Time of creation take up to 2-3 weeks, but usually 1-2 weeks.

Buy via After purchase, follow the instruction within the attached PDF.

a). Name of the Main Theme
b). Provide detailed description of the main theme / main goal
c). Keep it focused on the Main Theme, too many wishes/goals between different Themes at once could make the Nsigil ineffective.

And send the above to us via Etsy’s Messenger or via this webpage:


If you are interested in this amazing opportunity – let us know or use above links (redirection to our online store at

NSigils are made upon order – after payment.

Modifications of NSigils:

1). Eye Active – this modification keep all features of Standard NSigils but are also active when someone looks at it – so it can be used as PC’s wallpaper, or iPhone/smartphone’s wallpaper – even you look at it consciously or not – it somehow radiates energy.

After purchase, let us know in case you would like this feature.

2). Extra NSigil (almost the XSigil Class but for use with above applications)

There is an additional payment.

If you are interested in the Extra NSigil (almost XSigil class) please let us know via Contact Form.