Powerful Psychic Skills

Powerful Psychic Skills

made with Bliss Engine v.3.5

Build upon Psychic Skills Trance Engine

This mp3 is for awakening powerful psychic skills just by listening to it on a regular basis. Indeed everyone has these abilities and if someone decided to put some work into it – these abilities can be awakened. In the past it took many years of hard work and a lots of practice to get access to these different psychic skills. Now new metaphysical technologies in XXI century are able to create tools such as this mp3 – for making this goal much more attainable and fun.

This mp3 is charged with chi energy (with help of Bliss Engine) and includes some Audio Spells.

Here is the full list of Audio Spells encoded into this mp3:

  • Audio Spell with Haagentie: His Office is to make Men wise, and to instruct them in divers things [also to Transmute all Metals into Gold; and to change Wine into Water, and Water into Wine].

  • Audio Spells with Orobas: His Office is to discover all things Past, Present, and to Come; also to give Dignities, and Prelacies, and the Favour of Friends and of Foes. He giveth True Answers of Divinity, and of the Creation of the World.

  • Correct Intuition, Correct Insights Audio Spell

  • Powerful Psychic Skills Audio Spell

  • Increase Mental Energy Audio Spell

  • Audio Spell with 5th Energy of Jupiter – it has great power to assure visions. (Allegedly Jacob was armed with this energy when he beheld the ladder which reached unto heaven!)

The following affirmations and suggestions have been programmed within this audio mp3:

  • My psychic power is now strong and potent

  • I now possess powerful psychic abilities and ESP powers

  • I now possess powerful divination abilities

  • I now actively use my dreams to develop and expand my psychic abilities and ESP powers

  • My third eye is now open

  • My psychic abilities and ESP powers are now becoming better, clearer and stronger each and every day

  • My subconscious mind is now enhancing and maximizing my psychic abilities and ESP powers at all times

  • My psychic power now grows each and every day

  • My psychic abilities and ESP powers are now expanding exponentially

The entire sound track is made with the High Focus Module for even greater effectiveness.

Listening Tips: 30-60 minutes per day and it is great if you have pair of high quality headphones. Stable results after 14-30 days of listening.




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PowerfulPsychicSkills.mp3 – 15 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 36MB


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