Protection Gem v.2

Protection Gem v.2

permanently charged with Etheric Device including Combat System

Protection Gem v.2 is charged with different energies for spiritual and physical protection. Generally this gem is made upon order – because there are so many protection energies to choose from and gem can handle up to 7-9 energies. It is important to choose which energy has to be “dominant”. When the gem is charged the 1st energy used in the process is dominant and charging with next energies is just complementary.

Protection Gem v.1 include also Combat System – which is the integral part of each charged item – it transmutes any negative energies into positive ones – it make an energetic holes and trap the unwanted energies into them. At begining when you use Protection Gem v.1 – you could feel that you don’t need the Combat System. Anyway after weeks or months of using this gem – it’s natural process that some dark fragments of energies stick to any magical tool – and with the Combat System – the gem is fully protected. So any dark fragments, negative thoughts of others, low vibrations – automatically drawn to the energy holes and are transmuted into positive energy field.

Protection Gem v.1 can be wear at your neck – there is white/red string attached. You can also keep it in your pocket (left or right) – for affecting or Yin/Yang energy fields and achieving desired effect.

Below is the list of the energies that can be used for charging the Protection Gem. If you are not sure which energies to choose, just shortly describe what you want, or what is your protection issue and I will after dowsing/contacting with my Spiritual Guides choose the right combination of energies for you:

  • Protection from Physical Danger

  • Reverse Evil

  • Calm Turbulences

  • Destroy Plots

  • Solve my Problems

  • Positive Pragmatic Attitude

  • Hinder Sorcerers From Operating

  • Undo any Magick

  • Have Army Appear

  • Protection Against Magic

  • Archangel Azrael – more peace and better understanding of your current situation; possibility of get rid of unwanted energies; healing of your pains or suffering; remove your negative self talk; stop of your daily “worrying”; better understanding of your mind, body and soul

  • Archangel Michael – clearing of negative feelings, thoughts and energies; courage and self-esteem; worthiness and sense of goal; becoming more focused; guidance in Spiritual World; better connection to Universe’s Creator; possibility of getting answers for difficult questions; protection here at physical plane; repulse of negative emotions; aura of protection

  • Archangel Kamael (Camael) – more courage; strenght; sense of brave; winning attitude; protection against any source, material, spiritual, demonic; joy and sense of happiness; angelic guidance

  • Archangel Metatron – angelic guidance; mental clarity; possibility to find healing solution in any sickness; introduction to Spiritual World; being near Ultimate God; tranquility of mind; anything involving a desire to move closer to divinity

  • Archangel Uriel – guidance in all earthly things; guidance in financial issues; guidance in making money; guidance in all practical issues of the modern world; help in removing fear and guilt; help with creating self-esteem; help taking care of yourself; help loving and respect your body and mind

  • 3rd-Penticle-of-Jupiter – Defends & protects against any enemy & against any evil spirits which may linger near one’s person or home

  • 6th-Penticle-of-Jupiter – Protects form all earthly dangers

  • 7th-Penticle-of-Jupiter – It has great power against poverty

  • 2nd-Pentacle-of-Mars – Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts

  • 3rd-Pentacle-of-Mars – This seal is of value in resisting one’s enemies, and for exciting wrath, discord & hostility among others

  • 4th-Pentacle-of-Mars – Of great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind

  • 5th-Pentacle-of-Mars – Causes all demons to obey the wishes of the possessor of this powerful seal

  • 6th-Pentacle-of-Mars – The owner of this cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him

  • 7th-Pentacle-of-Mars – The possessor pronounces the Divine Names of El and Yiai to bring confusion to one’s enemies

  • 2nd-Pentacle-of-Moon – Protects against all perils by water, calms one in the event of natural phenomena such as electrical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes

  • 3rd-Pentacle-of-Moon – Protects against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and every danger from water

  • 4th-Pentacle-of-Moon – Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul

  • 5th-Pentacle-of-Moon – Protects against all Phantoms of the night which may cause restless sleep or nightmares, and aids in obtaining answers to questions or problems through dreams

  • 3rd-Pentacle-of-Saturn – Good for protection against any plots made by others & for defense against evil spirits

  • 5th-Pentacle-of-Saturn – Protects the home, and guards all treasures & possessions one may own

  • 6th-Pentacle-of-Saturn – Pronounce an enemy’s name and repeat ‘Set thou a wicked one to be ruler over him and let satan stand at his right hand’ to cause the foe to be possessed by demons

  • 2nd-Pentacle-of-the-Sun – This design serves to repress the pride and arrogance of those who oppose the owner’s wishes & plans.

  • 6th-Pentacle-of-the-Sun – Provides invisibility to the possessor at request (for example good against remote viewing)

Each Protection Gem v.1 is additionally charged with ANKH energy – which provides Postive and Protective Energy.


Please do not discouraged by above list – by not knowing what to choose. Each of us is individual and have own uniqe life and have  different protection issues. With a little effort we can together choose for you – the right combianation of energies – so Protection Gem will help you and it will help making things better and easier. If for some reason you can’t choose – just write me what’s your protection problem and I will choose the right energies at no cost. I know these above energies very well; I working with them from years and I will know how to make perfect Protection Gem for you.

Also please remember that dominant energy will be most strong (about 60%) and other energies are just complementary (40%). It could recommend to use Angelic Energy as dominant one. All energies encoded into gem complement each other.

There are two types of gemstones of Protection Gems v.1 to choose. It can be made out of the Amethyst or White Opalite. Amthyst is good for Psychic/Spiritual issues. White Opalite is for Mental and Physical issues. Below there is describtions of both gems and their meanings.


Protection Gem v.1 that is made out of the Amethyst gemstone have these additional abilities:

  • It help with insomnia

  • Release stress and tension

  • Can help to get rid of guilty and fear

  • It protect against self-deception

  • Protects against witchcraft

  • Increase meditation and help in Spiritual development

  • It can slightly increase spiritual wisdom and open psychic energy centers

White Opalite

Protection Gem v.1 that is made out of the White Opalite gemstone have these additional abilities:

  • Enhance angelic connections

  • Clearing negative emotions

  • Creating more positive vibrations

  • Help in balancing all chakras

  • White Opalite is consider as one of the most powerful healing stone




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