Radionics Softwares FAQ

Radionics Softwares FAQ


1). Can I use XCaster on old Target’s picture or I have to use new one?

If you use it on regular basis, energies can stuck to the specific photo and it’s good idea to change it from time to time. Especially in case you try to manifest something, and even you try hard, you can’t achieve your desired goal. If you change your or target photo, for example for newer one, the manifestation process can speed up by few times.So it’s good to change Target’s photos from time to time.

Question if you can use old Target’s photo? Old photo represent person from old years, while everything change, and people also change. If you use suplements like Spirulina or Maca thruough 3-6 months or you start exercising on regular basis – your body will change and even picture of your face is similar to picture from 5 years ago, it include all these invisible things which are linked to your current, up to date personal energy, you. It is self-evident that Trend/Spell will be more effective if you use representation of your current personal energy [in from of picture]. So I would recommend using most new pictures of Targets and change them in maybe once per 1-8 weeks.

2). Can I use Psychical Mode for Money and Attraction Trends?

No, Physical Mode should be used only with Trends related to healing. With Trends for Money use only Psionics Mode, the same with Attraction Trends, only Psionics Mode.

3). How would I use Jobet Spells with the XtremeCaster to charge water or other items like it says in the spells descriptions?

Generally they are design for physical radionics devices with audio input, however you can take a picture with your iphone/table of the glass with water, choose 6 additional sigils or pentacles, and as “MUSIC” choose Jobet’s spell mp3, instead of choosing tone.

Look at the sigil and say 5 times your wish regarding the target (glass with water) and confidently press button “Start”,

plus you can also press few times “turbo” button if you want the water charged much more.

The same with other items. You can also can traget yourself with Jobet spells.