Reason She Isn’t Interested and How to Counter

Did She Rejected You For These Reasons…?

Does this sound familiar? You go out and meet a woman, get her number, wait the appropriate amount of time to call, and then never hear back. Or, the number you’re given isn’t even her’s, but maybe a local pizza joint instead. If this has happened to you before, it’s probably because for whatever reason, you didn’t hook the girl during your initial encounter, so she isn’t interested in you.

But ‘I’m a great guy!’, you say. Well then, why aren’t these women giving you a chance? If you’re unsure of the answer, then keep on reading.

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While a women many not be interested in you just because of your appearance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some effort to make yourself a bit attractive. What this means is that you need to know how to take what you already have, and polish it up a little. If you’ve got some scruff and a few extra pounds, hit the gym a little, have a shave, and let the confidence flow. Remember – when you feel better about yourself (and you will!), you’ll automatically become more attractive. Altering your appearance in any of these ways can help to increase your natural physical appeal.


You have to remember that the conversation you start by just walking up to a women doesn’t always need to be about dating and relationships. If you can engage this stranger in an actual conversation, and show her that you aren’t just a horny tool that wants her for her looks, then you’ll be able to create and maintain an attraction much easier, and longer.

To do this effectively, work on keeping up with current trends and picking up a best-seller every once in a while. Also, remember to pay attention to what the woman is talking about, too – if you’re talking about something you read in the New York Times and she gets her news from Perez Hilton, the conversation is going to fizzle out fast.

Don’t Hesitate

If you see a woman you’re interested in, either go up to her or don’t – whatever you do, don’t stand there and stare at her! Not only is it rude to gawk at a woman, but she and her companions are going to find it creepy and you’re going to be written off faster than you can blink.

Also, making a quick approach exudes confidence, something that is definitely attractive to women, and it doesn’t give you too much time to over think the action and chicken out. Remember – while there’s something to be said for being prepared when meeting someone, there is also a such thing as being over prepared and sloppy. A good thing to do is get ready with conversation starters before you even head out for the night – that way you won’t miss an opportunity to make a great first impression when it really counts.

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