Refund Policy

To our friends and customers-
Refund Policy:
Our products are created with passion, dedication and hard work they also reflect great credit on our effort to improve the world. We feel our products deliver what is promised and are fantastic.
We at SMF are so confident that our hard work and dedication to our products is so excellent, that we are happy to offer a full 60 trial period of our Audio Talismans and MP3 format Audio’s, If at any time during the first 60 days following your purchase you are dis-satisfied or feel that the product is not what has been described, ask for a refund via Tinypass.
Notice: please delete all copies of the mp3 or audio talisman before the refund- due to the copyright protection of our products.
Also- if you just want to try our products please check out our freeware section.

2. Refund Policy for Xsigils:

We cannot deactivate a sigil once cit has been reated. It remains empowered for as long as it exists”

2.1 Refunds regarding regular price of 450:

1. If you the client purchased one XSigil – within 2 months and ask for a refund you the client can received 70% of the purchase price.
2. Refunds requested after the second month and until the fourth month can receive 40% of the purchase price.
3. No refund will be granted after the fourth month from your purchase.
4. If any xSigil has been refunded, you the client can not order more XSigils. (this is to prevent purchase of XSigils for 30% of price, due to the fact that we can’t deactived the Xsigils).
2.2 Refunds regarding promo price of 349

1. If a client ordered one XSigil – and requested a refund within 2 months he can received 60% refund pf the promo price.
2. From second month till fourth month 30% refund of the promo price will be granted.
3. All Refunds expire after the fourth month.
4. If any xSigil has been refunded, a client can’t order any more Xsigils. this is to prevent taking XSigils for 30% of price, because of the fact we can’t deactived the Xsigils).
All XSigils must be purchased as they are, without any combined discounts.

It’s all related to two main things:
1. The creation of Xsigil takes certain physical materials such as gold, and some other components, which are required to make the Xsigil, and these components can’t be recouped at our end.
2. Sigil can’t be deactived, so even clients who reciece a refund could still use it.

Refunds of Xsigils are via Western Union only.