Request Personalized Bliss Engine Mp3s

Yes, personalized mp3s can be made with

  • Bliss Engine v.1 [2x power]

  • Bliss Engine v.2 [10x more power]

  • Bliss Engine v.3 [30x more power]

  • Bliss Engine v.5 [56x and 120x (X2 core) = around 296 more powers] [recommended]

Service is published now and you can put your request.

Energies can be customized and below are some examples

  • Planetary Energies

  • Friendly Goetia Energies

  • Archangels Energies

  • Energies taken from Universal Symbols

  • Energies taken from Crop Circle formations

  • Energies taken from Different Symbols

  • Different Audio Spells (more then 120 to choose)

  • In case of Attract Women Mp3s – up to 6-8 pictures of your favourite type of women

  • You can even choose some pics of your desired cars or bills of your national currency
  • Different pictures can be encoded as well.

Mp3s which has 10-15 minutes are better for mind-programming then mp3s with lenght of 50 minutes – especially when someone listen to this mp3 in loop mode.

Each 5 minutes of mp3 can contain 3 audio spells. If mp3 has 15 minutes, then it can contain 9 audio spells – it’s maximum. However sometimes it is okay to programm audio-track with up to 4 spells thru whole 10-15 minutes – so the the listener during listening to the audio is focused on 4 different energies instead of plently of them – if more spells the effects may be a bit more blurred.

If you requested an mp3 and it can be applicable for all users, so anyone can get benefit from it – and it can be posted on website along with other mp3s, and then price is lowered $29.

It’s good if you have your own desired set of affirmations. If not I can help creating them.

Cost of one mp3 is $49 – max lenght 12-25 minutes.

Also, if this is the attraction mp3, I can use one of my developed LoveTranceEngines (one is embeded within SDCTv.3) – and then price will be increased by $10.

If you are interested in – please use this contact form:

If you want request mp3/s – not personalized for any possible idea – the ones which will be available on website – you can do it here: