Saying “Im Sorry” With Class

The genteel way to apologize is to assert that you mourn a specific offense. Offer to convey amends or, if amends seem definitely called for, proclaim your intention of making amends as well as specify how you will do this. If you’re uncertain how best to deal with the situation, explain several possible solutions and solicit which the person fancies.

Guarantee the person that this will never occur again. In a business circumstance, if it concerns a predicament you were oblivious of, thank the writer or caller for bringing it to your awareness and finish the letter by asking for sustained patronage. Avoid the overly dramatic by using cop-outs such as (“You will almost certainly never want to see me again after what I did,” “I wish I were hit by a truck after the way I behaved last week,” or “I am so, so, so feeling bad about it all.”).

As you craft an apology letter, keep your letter free of guilt-inspired soul twisting and agonizing; it is awkward and unappealing for the reader. Assert your apology clearly and concisely. Reread your apology to make sure you are not involuntarily implying that the other person is at fault; some people’s ” admission of guilt ” rings more like an accusation. Particularly in a business context, it is better not to write at all than to imply the customer is at fault. With a little cleverness, it is possible to articulate regret about a situation without accepting accountability for it if it’s not your fault.

Never blame clerical slips on computers (“A computer error/mishap was responsible for the delay in payments.”). Most people are aggravated by this excuse. Furthermore, avoid saying that these things are bound to happen from time to time. Although this may be true, saying so signifies that the company policy may be more disposed to gross leniency than vigorous action.

Shun a grudging attitude; if you are going to act contrite, do so gladly and wholeheartedly.
Never acknowledge that the company was negligent. If negligence is a factor, confert with your lawyer, who will suggest the best approach to take in your letter.

4 Smooth Tips to Write a Letter of Apology:

1. Jot down as soon as possible after the occasion. Be brief, straightforward, and genuine. Confess the fault straight away, express regret, and sign off. Apologize only for the specific issue.

2. Shun trying to justify the error or behavior, although in some cases, a clarification could accompany your apology. At other times, however, an explanation may weaken or invalidate your apology. This is particularly true when you attempt to explain why you were uncouth. In certain cases, a brief and sincere apology (maybe with chocolates) is better than any rationalization.

3. When apologizing for a business quandary, the aim is to right the wrong (or the perceived wrong) while turning a disappointed customer into one who will persist to deal cheerfully with you. Most customers cherish n honest, liberal, and tactful response.

4. Emotionally put yourself in the other person’s place to determine the type of apology or other actions that would be proper if your positions were reversed.

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