Sex Dream Comes True – V.3 – *UPDATED*

Sex Dream Comes True Version 3

Alternate version of Love Magic Power Engine enhanced with Powerful Bilss Engine
Energies of 3rd Venus, Sitri, Zepar
Encoded trends for being romantic and attracting new love / sex relationships.

UPDATED at 23 October 2015

This is now most advanced mp3 on this website – including another version of Magic Love Power Engine and enhanced with Bliss Engine. Very strong and power suggestions are programmed within this 25 minutes long audio. It’s not all – there are installed energies of 3rd Venus, Sitri and Zepar – and spells for being romantic around women – and special audio spell for attracting new love/sex relationships.

In the nutshell version 3 include:

  • 3rd Venus – for attract love, respect, and admiration.

  • Zepar – to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love.

  • Sitri – for enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired.

  • Love spell for being romantic around women

  • Love spell for attracting women for love / sex relationships

Here is sample of suggestions which are streamed into this audio recording:

  • I magnetically attract women for sex

  • I am the sexiest man on the Planet

  • My sexual power makes all women sexually aroused [in my presence and not only; at distance too]

  • I have strong and healthy libido

  • I create easily beuatiful sex-relationships with beautiful women

  • I attract beautiful women for passionate sex

  • I have successfully manifested sex with beautiful woman

  • All women are instantly aroused in my presence

  • Absolutelly and effortlessly, naturally I manifesting sex with women

  • I meet new women easily and naturally

  • I radiate with sexual self-confidence and self-trust

  • I radiate with dominance and grace

  • I deserve to have sex with beautiful women

  • Beautiful women want sex with me

  • Women feel comfy with me

  • Women feel safe with me

  • I attract hot, horny and willingly women for s…

  • I attract nymphomaniacs for s..

  • I have many successful dates within each month

  • Women willingly give me their # numbers [by their initiative]

  • I have many women in my life

  • I have many # numbers to worthly women

  • [there are also other affirmations, not listed here]

Many of you asked for update, so its finally done – and believe me – it’s very effective mp3.  Yes, just imagine all these above suggestions come true! Previous versions are not much effective as the v.3. You will see. Especially that its made with Bliss Engine.

Listening Tips: Listen to it at least 30 minutes per day – up to 1 hour per day for 14-30 days for stable results. Of course if you want even more fast results than listen to it more per day – like 2-4 hours per day or more. I can’t wait to hear your feedback regarding SDCT3. However if you find it too powerful for you – then try listen less.


Feedback: Hey, I bought that SDCT 3 and it was interesting when I tried it out today. This one girl kept stroking her hair and a lot of women were vying for my attention it was almost insanity. I don’t know if it was from the audio but my body felt like it was high or a rush of euphoria from the mp3. Thanks, Phil you rock and I hope you have many blessings for all the work you do. (by S.)

New feedback:

this IS IT the mp3 SDCT3 is amazing. Makes me kiss woman like a sex god, had sex the second day of listening and when I orgasm I had 2 orgasms in about 2 minutes without going soft, Libido is way up. Woman orgasm and her leg locked up she had so much pleasure, she said she never had that ever happen before:) cant wait to see update of manifest any video mp3’s. THank you Fil. (by J.).

One more feedback:

So now after 9 days I see that SDCT3 is affecting mostly younger and attractive women, It affects some women way more than others, Its always very shocking when hot 20’s year olds turn in around and smile at you in a store and hello. It makes me wonder are these women that are affected more nympoh’s? Any way as my final review of this SDCT3 I will say that it delivers exactly what is advertised, Thank you Magicflo.

I think that above feedback should inspire you – if you listen to it thru 1-2 days and you got good results with it – try listening to it at regular basis for at last 14 days and your results can be really amazing like for this person. Of course effects may be different for each of you – because each of you have different personal energy anyway I still have opinion that this mp3 works just for everyone – another question that for some of you it works faster while for some others a bit slower. Yes, if you find it works well for you – feel free to post your feedback as well.

Below is description to version 1 & 2:

This is inDirectSubliminal mp3 for attract women especially for se*x – there is focus on getting se*x not getting into any love relationships. Mp3 is pretty strong and I do not recommend to listening it more than 1-3 times per day. My two friends that tested it out confirm that after listen only one time at day 1 – on next day friend report that he “attract women like crazy”.

Here are some things what they wrote:

  • I feel that women were more attracted to me for sure
  • Just looks no talk except for one who was very interested in me
  • yesterday from sex dream come true I had a woman stare me down smile and say hellow:)is that the ususal response? (me: she said hello to you?) Yes I walked past and she got big smile and said hello

About chakra burning:
– no burning but I get good mood
One word about it, first guy that tested it, listen to it once and got root chakra burning, while the second guy listened to it three times in row and don’t.

Do not listen more than once per day if you got anything like root chakra burning. Once per day is enough. Indeed I can’t imagine what could happen if someone listen to it like 5 times per day for 7 days… if you get laid in thank of this mp3 – please write short feedback in comments.

Note: Not all people got chakra burning with mp3s like that. As I realize it depends individually. For some listening to seductionmagicflow’s mp3s marked as “very powerful” not always seems give them “chakra overload” – while some others listen to few mp3s couple of time and say “I can’t listen more – it has too much energy”. In this case – if you don’t have any “chakra burning”‘s effects you may consider to listen to this mp3 more – just pay attention how you feel.

Se*x Dream Come Ture – has been updated to ver.2 – which contains “women approach me” subliminal tracks – according to some users – for boost initial power of SDCTrue. These “women approach me” tracks I made with the highest mastery art of recording. I made around 20 of them, and these few has been tested and worked the best ever.



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SDCT3 – is 24:55 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 59,8MB

After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.

Inside the ZIP file – there are SDCT v.3 and PDF with links to ver 1&2.

USE freeware software as 7Zip to get access to files inside ZIP file.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me via