Sharpening Your Listening Skills Like a Katana

A critical mandate of the leader is to perfect his listening skills. The step here is to modify your basic outlook during interaction. How magnificent the world might be if everyone shifted to superior levels of listening. What about you? As a leader do you have desire to become a more effective listener? Why not give it a go?

Following are ten tactics that can empower you as a better listener

1. Pay attention for ideas and central themes. Hunt for the speaker’s fundamental theme or main points instead of getting lost in, or reacting to, the minor details.

2. Judge substance, not delivery. Concentrate, to your best ability, on what the speaker is asserting and try not to be unduly influenced by his manner of saying it.

3. Explore for areas of interest. It is tremendously easy to tune out a speaker, so labor on sharing his or her enthusiasm. Doggedly search for new ideas or insights which might be advantageous to you.

4. Never jump to premature conclusions. It’s easy to presume that you know the rest of a sentence or message after hearing the beginning. Shun prejudging a message, so you can accept and evaluate all of it.

5. Take pointers, but adjust your evaluation to the speaker. While taking notes you hone your reception, comprehension, and, of course, retention of the data.

6. Focus and resist diversion. External distractions include impertinent occurrences you can see or hear, or which may be affecting your other senses. Internal distractions occur when your mind meanders into unrelated memories or shifts its focus to qualms, plans, or expectations.

7. Deploy the rapid pace of thought to your benefit. A good number of people can think four or five times faster than they speak. Never let your quick mind indulge in unrelated musings to the conversation. Capitalize on your thinking speed by actively collating, inferring, evaluating, and abbreviating the messages being received.

8. Verify your emotions. Everyone knows that the intellect is slave to emotions. Be receptive to things that trigger your emotions and amplify your efforts to focus on a clear reception and comprehension of what is being said.

9. Flex your mind. You can shun complicated or trying subjects, or you can intellectually grapple with byzantine information so that you will have a chance to mature.

10. Love listening! Be an active listener. Take to heart the aforementioned suggestions. Ask questions and request clarification. Actively share in the sender’s pains to improve your level of comprehension, whether or not you think you will consent.

Joseph Plazo is a renowned success coach. He teaches NLP techniques and negotiation skills while helping people find great jobs in the Philippines