Spark Up That Sex Life with One Minute Holidays

To get more intimate with your loved one during those times when life gets busy takes measured proactiveness. One way is to develop a yearning habit for inviting each other to take “one minute” holidays. You should initiate it in those critical moments of stress and lonely disconnection. Look into each other’s eyes and repeat together, “I am at the center of myself” or “Everything will be all right.” Massage each other’s necks for thirty seconds apiece. Give each other a full body hug. Close your eyes and remember a happy, tranquill moment you shared in the past. Pop on a piece of music, hold hands,and do nothing for at least one song.

Reaching nature is the best “one minute vacation” of all because it gives you perspective and grounding. When life is disintegrating around you and the last thing you want to do is be nice to each other, take a moment and step outside. Look at the sky. Look at a tree. Look at a bush, a rock, a flower. Just look. Maybe hold hands. You do not have to live in the Rockies to do this; your backyard or terrace will do nicely.

If you can, do a bit of yoga together. Sit across each other, relaxing, and breathing in slowly. Allow the rhythms of your breath to synch. Project loving thoughts to each other/ You will readily and surely sink into delicious rapport and bonding!

Treat yourselves! Live both your lives to the full!