Stop Scaring Girls Away On FB

I was on Facebook the other day and one of my female friends commented to me about how many Facebook stalkers she has.

Now, being the type of guy who likes to laugh at stupid behavior of other men when trying to pick up girls, I asked her what were the most common characteristics of a Facebook stalker.

After a detailed conversation, this is what I concluded. Please, if you find yourself doing any of the below, stop right now and stop scaring away women.

The top 3 signs of a Facebook stalker:

1. They comment way too often – Most Facebook stalkers seem to forget the fact that everyone else, including random people they don’t know can see that they are commenting on the girls profile. If they do it enough it sends a sure fire signal to the girl and her group of friends that this guy is really desperate and needy. The worst thing about this is, women in general like to gossip and see how their female friend’s are doing online. If they see too many comments from a particular guy, then all hell breaks loose from there. So to proven this, it’s simple. Send a PRIVATE MESSAGE with a catchy headline to avoid being seen as a stalker.

2. They comment on photos that are REALLY OLD – One thing she also told me was that she would get comments on her photos that were posted 2 years ago. Most of the time, she would have forgotten that her photos even existed! So to make the situation even worse, they would say something really retarded like “oh wow you look so pretty here” or “hey I love your smile”. This to me was insanely funny, but to her it was a major turn off. So what’s the solution? Don’t post on super old photos. It gives the girls the impression that the guy has been sitting there for hours clicking through her photos one by one, and manually browsing through her hundreds of past photos taken years ago.

3. They update their status way too much – this is one big mistake that I noticed that a lot of immature men do. They seem to act like women and can’t stop updating their Facebook profile statuses with what they are doing at the moment. This signals to the women in their friend’s list that this guy has nothing else to do and really is acting to trivial – just like a girl. So what’s the solution? Don’t update your status more than once a day MAXIMUM.

Now, this has got me really thinking.

Facebook is a great avenue for people to meet and connect with people.
So in other words, it’s also fantastic for dating. That’s why it’s important for men to learn how to really understand how the female mind works and not scare away women when trying to get to know them online.


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