Three Secrets to Communication with Women

3 Things to NEVER Say to a Woman You Just Met

Meeting women is hard – no doubt about that. So, when you finally meet one that seems right for you, the last thing you want to do is scare them off,right? This is why the first conversations and meetings are never easy, but are the most important.

So, how do you know what to say to a woman you just met? Well, it’s easy – just seem interested in her and mature enough for a relationship, even if that’s not what you’re looking for. Sound simple enough? If only it were! Sadly, though, the real challenge when talking to a woman isn’t figuring out what to say, but rather what not to say. This is because a woman can turn the simplest statements into the worst contradictory things ever. So, always think about what to say before actually saying it, and to help keep your conversations going, keep on reading for some easily and helpful tips.

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Kids and Marriage

No matter what you do, the last thing that should come up in a conversation with a women you just met, is kids and marriage. It’s a heavy topic that can scare off even the most confident and kid-wanting women. As a rule of thumb, just keep off this topic during the early stages of all relationships.

Nothing Serious

Whether you want a serious relationship or not, don’t ever let on that you’ve never been in one. This is because if a woman doesn’t think you can handle an adult relationship, you’re going to be kicked to the curb before you even know what hit you.

Mommy Dearest

Moms, both yours and hers, can be sensitive subjects. In fact, no matter how nice you think you’re being, the last thing you want to do is compare a date to your mother. Seriously, just don’t do it. Ever.

Also, you might think that talking about your mom makes you seem sensitive, but it really will probably just make you look like a mama’s boy, and that’s not gonna get you many second dates. After all, what woman wants to compete with a mom for attention, right?

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