Three Secrets to Communication with Women

3 Secrets to Communication with Women

Let’s face it – talking to women isn’t an easy task. No matter what you say, there’s always going to be away for them to twist it into something else entirely. There’s almost always something that you say that they can twist to mean something else, or something they’ll just read too much into. No matter which way it goes, if you want to be successful in the dating world, you’re going to have to learn how to communicate with them the right way.

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Don’t Lie

One of the worst things you can possibly do when communicating with a woman you like, is lie. And it doesn’t matter if the lie is big or small – a lie is a lie, and when it comes back to haunt you (and it will!), all trust and credibility will go out the window, along with the rest of your relationship. No matter the reason, it’s just not worth it to lie, so just save yourself the pain and heartbreak and don’t do it.

Think Before You Speak

I know it’s hard to do, but before you open up your mouth, you need to use your brain. This is especially true if you are frustrated, confused, or angry, since making a rude comment without thinking as the fastest way to escalate a small disagreement into a huge argument. A good rule of thumb is to stay calm around your woman, and cool off with your friends later on.

Listen and Respond

The truth is that the vast majority of communication problems that men have come from their lack of listening skills. Granted, some women play games more than others, but they always give enough information to understand what they’re trying to tell you – as long as you listen. While it may seem like an exercise in futility, just listening to a woman, and trying to figure out why she is upset, will always save you a lot of stress and frustration in the long run.

Just be sure to not to be a judge – a woman who is willing to open up to you doesn’t need to be made to feel judged or silly. It is important for you to understand how she feels and offer advice without making her uncomfortable or hurt.

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