Transmute ‘Sexual Energies Into Money’ Mp3

Transmute my ‘Sexual Energies Into Money’ Mp3

made with Bliss Engine

There are two mp3s in this download – one the light version made with Bliss Engine v.1 and second version much more powerful made with enhanced and empowered Bliss Engine v.2. These mp3s focusing on process of magical transmutation of different sexual energies into money attraction energies. Whole track is energized with the energy of 3rd Sun for attracting glory, riches, wealth and renown.

Both mp3s – even the light version are pretty strong – so if you have any health problems especially with your kindneys – it is not recommend to listen to these mp3s. Sexual energy is mostly stored in kindneys. Also if you felt after listen any pain around your kidnesys it sign to listen to it less. Generally these mp3s do not need to be listen countless hours. It is enough to listen to them 20-40 minutes per day. Or even 20 minutes per day. Even the effects can be visible within few days of listening – the really true key to success with these mp3s is to listen to them everyday or sometimes every other day for at last 20-40 days.

Here is sample list of suggestions:

  • I transmute my sexual energy into attraction of large sums of money

  • I transmute my sexual excitment into attraction of large sums of money

  • My sexual energy trasmutes now into attraction of money

  • I transmute every my sexual frustration into manifestation of large sums of money

  • I transmute excess of my sexual energy into wealth and riches

  • I transmute excess of my sexual excitement into riches and abundance

  • I transmute my sexual passion into large sums of money

  • I project money attraction energy through my eyes and draw success by it

  • I magnetically attract large sums of money

  • I am rich, wealth and successful

  • I live in financial abundance and achieve many finacial goals

  • I am positive and I am a winner

  • I earn a lots of money

  • [10+ different money attraction and transmutation commands]

Transmute all your sexual energies into money, riches, wealth and financial success!


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SexualEnergiesIntoMoney_v1.mp3 – 8:21 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 20MB
SexualEnergiesIntoMoney_v2.mp3 –  7:45 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 18,6MB

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Do not use if you have any health problems with your kidneys, or urination health issues (which are related to kindeys). Mp3 is pretty powerful.