Virtual PSIONIS3000VX

Virtual PSIONIS 3000VX

 (v.6 2020)

co-created by SeductionMagicFlow and a Secret Partner

  • 1 minutes simple steps and you got what you want (1 minute takes setting the trend up)
  • Any wish is possible at your fingertips (according to symbols/sigils/affirmations)
  • Discover the Power of Light and you will truly start to love your life (yes, access to power can make you happy!)
  • Enjoy every moment and live like a STAR in the movie of your dreams (yeah, the energy from device will makes all people around so excited about it)
  • Say it clearly – I am the Winner – so let it be!
  • Create your own Reality like a Pro Manifestor – effortlessly – just 1 minute and you got it!
  • Please read FAQ and Description here: :

VirtualPsionis3000VX: Up to 3 Targets and up to 10 Trends. Optionally 1 Environmental Trend.

The power-output is similar to RADImagine and it’s like about 6-8 XSigils at once.

What you will got and what is the required process to got it?


  • Place your photo (or another target) on Target Box
  • Put up to 5 Symbols on each of 2 Trend Boxes
    and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done”.
  • THAT’S ALL! Optionally at the end place your index finger on Target picture and say: “This trend is done” or “Amen”.
  • Go to your things and be prepared for POWER at your SIDE!
  • Alternativelly and recommended: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (3 crystals at all).
    Isnt it easy?
    It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
    There is not required any fancy rituals or so, usage is simple and effortless!
  • Device is made upon order. Usually it takes from seven days up to 2 weeks. Mostly about one week for creation the device.
  • Please send your photo to email address mention in VirtualPSIONIS3000VX_001.pdf
  • Please send symbol that represents something that has great value to you to the same email address as above. Optionally you can choose the core wish for your device – so for example it can be optimised for seduction or wealth, health or any other subject, in which you are interested in.Your picture/photo is strictly required for creation of this device.
  • After the process of creation you will receive via email the Printable Image – print it, laminate it and you can use it for your success. Optionally in some cases the special activation chant is attached with the device –  not always but sometimes for extreme power or to boost your device we are emailing the chant.
  • Also when you will receive the Digital Image of your Virtual PSIONIS3000VX you can imediatelly start using it.
  • Enjoy it fully – please read all information about Virtual Radionics at Seductionmagicflow’s website – so you will have full view of it’s possibilities.


How to use it?

The new 2018 Virtual Psionis 3000 VX usually has one Target box and two Trend boxes.

Setting the trend is so simple and easy for anyone. On the Target box you place the picture or diagram of the person on which the trend must be set, this can be simply your picture printed on paper (the best if in colour). On each Trend box you can place up to 5 symbols/sigils/or your written affirmations on piece of paper. You have in this device 2 Trend boxes – so you can set up two 10 trends at once.

Once you have placed Target picture – you have to place first symbol/sigil on the Trend box, once you place it – touch it with your pointing finger of your left hand and say this: “it’s done”. Now you can go to the next symbol/sigil that you want to your entire trend. So you take your desired next symbol/sigil and place it on top of previous symbol that you have already placed and set up. The scheme is the same, once you place it – you have to touch it with your pointing finger and say: “it’s done” – if you gone are to use 10 symbols in your entire trend – you repeat this scheme five times per each symbol/sigil at each Trend box.
Each symbol/sigil requires this simple order “it’s done”.
On the Target box you don’t need to say anything. This device can take up to 3 targets – if you choose to add more targets the energy and power from the device will be divided on each target. Of course setting the trend on one person’s probably most excited and fun.

From where I can get symbols and sigils?

You can find them across the Internet or order NSigils programmed for your specific needs. You can as well request your personal copies of this extreme sigils that you can find on this page:
Eventually you can use your XSigils – but be sure that energy output is not so strong – to not make you funky up.
In the nutshell if you use your XSigils with Virtual Psionics the equation is simple: power of your device plus the power of XSigil/s.

Making the symbol/sigil out of the piece of paper is as well easy. Just if you don have a specific symbol for your desire – you can write down your affirmations, desires, wishes and use this as symbol. The same if you don’t have picture of your target – you can draw the picture of the target and under it write the name of target – optionally you can as well add the date of birth.

Please make sure you treat this device as the representation of metaphysical forces. So it is not only the fancy and colourful image. By understanding this you fire up your faith and belief – and in this way your manifestations with this device will be even more stronger and powerful.

The 2018 Virtual Psionics are totally tuned in to your signature, so setting trends is even more easy and automatic.

You can pick up a lot’s of different symbols across the entire Internet – like type “king solomon pentacles” or “goetia symbols” just mention most popular. Try also different sets of symbols. If you want to discover some secrets of Ancient Egypt – then search for “Sphinx” and “Great Pyramid” and “Eye of Horus” . You will fully enjoy this and everything is possible.
If you can’t find right symbol that represts your wish – write a line I will help.
Here you have King Solomon Pentacles:
Here you have Goetic ones if you want to use them: and
here is something which is good to know about Goetic energies: and why Goetic Energies are FRIENDLY
Egyptian Symbols:
There a lot’s of different symbols at Pinterest:
Symbol is the picture which: OR represent your wish, so it can be photo, picture, your draw OR symbol like King Solomon Pentacles, Goetic Energies, which also hide the invisible force behind the sigil.

It can be used for (all possible purposes):

  • Boost attraction levels
  • Manifest your wishes
  • Attract money and financial opportunities
  • Healing, strength, protection
  • and anything you can desire (so seriously)
  • Charging any items for anything you want, even remotely

beyond-809139_960_720Wear T-Shirt with printed copy of VirtualPsonis3000VX and people will treat you like a demi-god!

Charging items is as well easy. Place the item that you can charge on the Target box, choose at least two symbols and place them at the Trend boxes and without saying “it’s done” leave the device with the item and symbols for 20 minutes. After this time the item is fully charged.
You can charging any objects, from food, water, gems, stones, just anything you can think about.

 After you read the manuals you can easily see or understand that operate any Virtual Machine is so effortless – while it seems that possible manifestation of various wishes are endless – there is still unknown field on unknown endless and exciting usage of these devices. For sure most amazing thing about these virtual devices is that results are very tangible and you gonna to experience them just right after running any trend.

Yes many people asked how fast the trend is start working. Indeed instantly after you set it up. With other devices like physical Radionics devices it sometimes takes up to 1 hour or more time to see the difference. With Virtual Psionics the effect of trend happens instantly.

While setting any trend at classical physcial Rad-box – as long as – you think about possible results – you intentionally disturb the energy field of your physical chi-gen – and therefore disturb your running trend.
In case of Virtual Psionic machines – the power is linked and protected against any type of worrying – so even if you have feelings of lack of success – it doesn’t matter – the Powerful Servitor and order invisible intelligences of of this device will grant your wishes and you will love it – that there is a way change reality so fast and easy – like the reality is something like puzzle that most people cant understand and you have the key to sort it out. Easy.

The most amazing and exciting thing about is that Virtual Psionic Devices are indeed simplified and you know that all these easy things like making coffee are pleasurable becuase you know for 110% what effect will be. The same here.

In our Modern World we have nano-technology or at least huge progress in Physics (for example quantum mechanics) – and at the same time there is huge progress in Magickal Systems – the top team of Magi of XXI closed to AND SeductionMagicFlow made tremendous progress and create this System of different forms of magic – put into one innovation called as “Virtual Psionics” – and here you have FULL blue print of this famous: “Make your life MAGIC”. Practice makes perfect.

With Virtual Psionic you may experience GREEN LIGHT at downtown when you are on the way – and great synchronizations – just use 3rd Sun Energy (King Solomon).
Power output is slightly stronger then physical RAD-Imagine device.

After purchase you got access to PDFs – please send the your photo to the email address which you will find in this file.
If you have any questions – feel free to ask via FREE Forum.

Printing T-shirts with your Virtual Psionics. The best material for printing is nylon-spandex – however most of the printing houses offers printing on cotton. The colour of the T-shirt doesn’t matter – it can be white, blue, yellow or any other colour or mix of colours – as long as it is made out of the cotton. The device can be printed in size of A4 – or you can resize it.
It shouldn’t be too small – because the transfer link must be preserved. So if you gone are resize it – smallest dimension is: 3 cal x 5 cal – of course please remember about right proportions – so longest edge can has 5 cal and this shorter one proportionally to the image size.


If you don’t want other people to see your device on your T-shirt – you can even print it on your panties ;-D better on right side. In the open space; Avoiding stitches.

You can wash your T-shirt after is worn out. Do not wash it in washing machine because it would damage your printouts. The temperature of water with detergent should be set too much high – for this see on the label of the T-shirt or ask in print house what are washing instructions for T-shirts with printouts.


However when your T-shirt is completely worn out after many uses – you have to burn out it. There are two ways of doing it. First one you have to just burn out whole T-shirt and second one you have to cut with the scissors the device image – and burn it itself and the rest of T-shirt you can simply throw out to the trash.
Anyway the best way is the first one because it do not damage the already done energy linking between you and content of your wardrobe.


And what is this energy linking between you and your content of your wardrobe? The experience has shown up that using Virtual Psionics on clothes in some and unknown way boost and giving an unbelievable power to all your clothes, so ultimately you start to dress yourself better, looks better, and becoming like a wealthy and elegant man.


Lastly why you should printing it on the right side of your panties or T-shirt? Indeed on T-shirt can be printed in the middle where your chest is. If you printing panties – in the middle quite often are stitches – so you have to choose between left side and right side. It should be the right side – their male side which is responsible for activation, the energy activation. Right side of the body is the active site – if you stimulated it with energy – the effect will give you more power, motivation, courage, alpha vibes, and so on.
Choosing the left side indeed could give you charisma however this side is the female side – so if you are man – the right side of the body is most recommended.


Some effects of using T-shirts with printed Virtual Psionics you will noticed very fast. For example as you know women are great dancers – however if you go any bar or club – and start dancing with your T-shirt on you – you will see that you dance even better than women! It’s like by the power of Virtual Psionis 3000 VX you have instant connection to your inner being, and your intuition – it’s like becoming superhuman – with supernatural abilities. The another thing that people will start to follow your attention and your energy. From this point you can practice play with energy and have lots of fun with it.

This device can be divided into many copies by printing additional ones.

Please read this carefully: this device can be used only for positive trends. What are positive trends? These are all kinds trends that are not destructive, so all these for life improvement in any area. Positive trends are for example: self-improvement, seduction, wealth, positive protection or shielding, repulse negativity, clearing, health or healing, popularity, fame, glory, etc etc. Negative trends where you try to attack someone are not allowed with this device. Setting negative trends with this device can be dangerous for yourself. Please use this device only for positive life changing trends.

Device is made upon order

Virtual PSIONIS3000VX

via (all countries)

Because of the security reasons Device after creation will be send exactly to the email from which the order was made. Also the Device is created by very advanced magi which always checking/dowsing validity of the order before creation. Device is personalized and made upon order. Time of creation – usually 7-14 days (usually 7-9 days).

After purchase you got access to PDFs – please follow the instruction which are require for creating the device for you.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask via FREE Forum..



All Virtual devices are experimental and at the same time professional magical devices; however there no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the Virtual Devices are intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to assess the viability of alternative treatment processes by research and experimentation.

Create powerful protection and feel always safe and protected!