Virtual RADX

co-created by SeductionMagicFlow and a Secret Partner

  • 1 minute simple steps and you got what you want
  • Any wish is possible at your fingertips
  • Discover the Power of Light and you will truly start to love your life
  • Enjoy every moment and live like a STAR in the movie of your dreams
  • Say it clearly—I am the Winner—so let it be!
  • Create your own Reality like a Pro Manifestor – effortlessly – just 1 minute, and you got it!
  • You can print it on your T-Shirt and shine like a Star
  • The VirtualRADX can be optimized for wealth, attraction, or protection or designed to Martial Arts Powers (you have to mention it after purchase)

VIRTUALRADX: 1 TARGET and 5 TRENDS – the power is slightly above the XSigil.


  • Place your photo (or another target) on Target Box
  • Put up to 5 Symbols on Trend Box
    and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done”.
  • THAT’S ALL! Optionally at the end place your index finger on Target picture and say: “This trend is done” or “Amen”.
  • Go to your things and be prepared for POWER at your SIDE!
  • Alternatively and recommended: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (2 crystals at all).
    Isn’t it easy?
    It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
    There is not required any fancy rituals or so, usage is simple and effortless!

Even if you goal is great attraction—with this light Virtual RADX you can print it on your T-Shirt (its costs less then $10 in print house) and go just anywhere – BAM! People will draw to you and feel at an unconscious level, bright energy emanating from you. For sure as feedback you will feel much better about yourself, more confident and it’s all effortlessly if you have it printed on T-Shirt. The VirtualRADX and Psionis3000VX are the devices which can be printed on T-Shirts and there is guarantee that you will not be chi-overloaded with too much power. If you could print VirtualGodCaster itself—it going to be instant chi-overload. However, these two virtual devices such as VirtualRADX and VirtualPsionis3000VX can be printed without any limitations. In case, it is still much too powerful for you—just print one more copy on your home’s printer—it will divide energy on these two (printed) copies—so your copy on T-Shirt will has 50% of power. If it is still too much power, just print one copy more and so on.

The VirtualRADX is affordable and can show you how much powerful the Virtual Psionics is. There is simple ritual when you would like to run a trend or start manifesting your wish. The cool thing about VirtualRADX is that if you love fitness, exercises or martial arts – it can be optimized for these kinds of activities. But it is not only limited to these goals. It can be your passion or desire to attract more women, or having this charismatic personality that makes everyone attracted by pleasant energy. Maybe you would like to have 24/7 wealth and boost finances support. Indeed, each VirtualPsionics device can be optimized for something you want at the most as well it can be in general mode too.

The most important thing about Virtual Psionics like VirtualRADX and other Virtual Devices is that for manifesting your wishes or desires you don’t need any type of magic’s belief system, any type of faith. All those who are eager to learn magic must spent usually years and quite often very few of them achieve success. To learn a magical system like Chaos, Voo Doo or Santria someone has to find at least 1-2 years learning to master it along with their mind mastery. It’s all can be translated into strong faith. However, who can have this strong faith to attract a girl or make more money—typically it is narrowed down to hardly any people per million.
The thing here – is that you don’t need to have any experience in magic. The approach here is to provide easy to use device that anyone can use regardless of his belief system or magic experience. To making, it is so simple and finally, to help to manifest great goals of many people, not very few of them.

Please read FAQ and Description here:

What you will got and what is the required process to got it?

  • After purchase you will get access to charged PDF – do not share it with anyone – it works like Digital Talisman – BUT it’s not the MAIN POINT – once we will receive confirmation of your purchase via Tinypass – there is one little action required at your part:
    1). Please send your photo to email address mention in VirtualRADX_001.pdf
    2). Please send symbol that represents something that has great value to you to the same email address as above.
  • Once we got these two pictures (your photo and symbol) – the HT4Y SeductionMagicFlow’s Team start working over very unique VirtualRADX for you. It usually takes 1-2 weeks – quite often faster then 2 weeks.
  • At this point you will receive via email the Printable Image – print it, laminate it. After done, please send your picture to email address mention in VirtualRADX_001.pdf.
  • Also when you will receive the Digital Image of your VirtualRADX_001.pdf you can immediately start using it.
  • Enjoy it fully – please read all information about Virtual Radionics at Seductionmagicflow’s website – so you will have full view of it’s possibilities.


How to use it?

Simple. You need a symbol or photo of your target and at least 1 symbol that represents your wishes. You can pick up a lot’s of different symbols across the entire Internet – like type “king Solomon pentacles” or “goetia symbols” just mention the most popular. Try also different sets of symbols. If you would like to discover some secrets of Ancient Egypt – then search for “Sphinx” and “Great Pyramid” and “Eye of Horus”—treat all these three pictures as symbols. Once you have pic of your Target (it can be you) and three symbols that represent of your wish—follow 6 simple steps in the 2nd Manual. And you know? You will fully enjoy this and everything is possible. 

You can also set your written affirmations as symbol. If you can’t find the right symbol that represents your wish – write a line and I will help.

Here you have King Solomon Pentacles:

Egyptian Symbols:

There are a lots of different symbols at Pinterest:

A symbol is the picture which: OR represent your wish, so it can be photo, picture, your draw, OR symbol like King Solomon Pentacles, Goetic Energies, which also hide the invisible force behind the sigil.

It can be used for (all possible purposes):

  • Boost attraction levels
  • Manifest your wishes
  • Attract money and financial opportunities
  • Healing, strength, protection
  • and anything you can desire (so seriously)
  • Charging any items for anything you want, even remotely

beyond-809139_960_720Wear T-Shirt with printed copy of VirtualRADX and people will treat you like a demi-god!

 After you read the manuals, you can easily see or understand that operate any Virtual Machine is so effortless. While it seems that possible manifestation of various wishes are endless – there is still unknown field on unknown endless and exciting usage of these devices. Definitely most amazing thing about these virtual devices is that results are very tangible and you gonna to experience them just right after running any trend.
 While setting any trend at classical physical Rad-box – as long as – you think about possible results—you intentionally disturb the energy field of your physical chi-gen – and therefore disturb your running trend.
 In the case of Virtual Psionic machines. The power is linked and protected against any type of worrying – so even if you have feelings of lack of success—it doesn’t matter. The Powerful Servitor will grant your wishes and you will love that so direct way – like the reality is something like puzzle, and you have the key to sort it out. Easy—just simple 6 steps.

The most incredible and exciting thing about is that Virtual Psionic Devices are indeed simplified and you know that all these easy things like making coffee are pleasurable because you know for 110% what the effect will be. The same here.

In our Modern World we have nanotechnology or at least giant progress in Physics (for example quantum mechanics). And at the same time, there is massive progress in Magical Systems. The top team of Magi of XXI closed to AND SeductionMagicFlow made tremendous progress and create this System of different forms of magic. Put into one innovation called as “Virtual Psionic” – and here you have the FULL blueprint of this: “Make your life MAGIC”. Practice makes perfect.

With Virtual Psionic you may experience GREEN LIGHT at downtown when you are on the way – and great synchronizations – just use 3rd Sun Energy (King Solomon).

Power output is slightly stronger then physical Rad2400HD device.

Device is made upon order


via (all countries)


After purchase you got access to PDFs – please follow the instruction which are require for creating the device for you.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask via below Contact Form.

Please do not share this PDF, it’s charged with subtle energies and keep it until you will receive the Digital Image with Virtual Device via Google Drive.

All Virtual devices are experimental and, at the same time, professional magical devices; however there no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the Virtual Devices are intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to assess the viability of alternative treatment processes by research and experimentation.

Create powerful protection and always feel safe and protected!