Warning: Models Will Be Mad With You


I wanted to send you a quick warning.
There is a video that is gaining a lot of attention
in the past few days. It teaches men how to seduce
women using techniques that therapists use to rewire
a patient’s brain. A guy called Thomas has taken mind
control techniques used in therapy and figured out
a way to use it to get beautiful women into bed. The
woman pretty much becomes helpless. And that’s why so
many women are so mad.

I was one of the first people to see what Thomas was
teaching. I used the techniques that night and slept
with a woman who was a 10 out of 10 on the hot scale.
A week later I got a text from her:

“Hi asshole. I haven’t heard from you since the night
we met. Not that I’m surprised. Since sleeping with you
I’ve heard all about your reputation. I just wanted you
to know that I’d never usually sleep with a guy like
you! It’s your loss. If you do eventually decide to
contact me my work number is…”

Haha. I had to laugh when I received her text. My
friends who saw her think I’m crazy for not wanting
to see her again after I slept with her, but to be
honest even though she was supermodel hot she was
useless in bed. The girl I met the next night was
much better.

With this technique you can sleep with women who
would usually be way out of your league. The reason
is because you ask them questions that force their
body to feel positive emotions towards you (without
them ever knowing what you are doing) and the more of
these questions you ask the more she will become
attracted to you because of the way the questions
make her feel.

It’s too much to explain in an email. Instead
visit the link below and Thomas will teach you all
about this technique and even tell you which
questions to ask. Don’t blame me though if in a few
days’ time you’re getting texts from models who are
angry with you and asking why you didn’t text them back!

P.S. In the video Thomas will also teach you a technique
for developing movie star confidence. This is something
else he stole from therapists. You’ll love it!
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