XCaster Booster v.2

XCaster Booster v.2

The physical device for boost effectiveness of Andriod based softwares like XtremeCaster, UltraPsionics

Technology used in the proccess of creation:

  • eXtreme v.2 (see eXtreme Pendants)
    optimized for:
                                – General Purpose
                                – Love & Attraction
                                – Money & Wealth
  • Etheric Charging Device
  • 3000VX Charging Device
  • Advanced Orgonite Compositions
  • Optimized with King Solomon Planetary, Archangels or Goetic Engines (eXtreme v.2 tech)

Device can be made and programmed for anything you wish for. eXtreme v.2 programming can awake any King Solomon Planetary or Goetic Energies, Archangels – for Etheric Charging of specially crafted “cores” – you can choose up to 6 energies available here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/all-available-energies/

Device can has MAX power of eXtreme v.2 324x pre-programmed “cores” and up to 90 Etheric “cores”.

I need to clairfy: for 324x (eXtreme v.2) power you may use only these energies:
http://healingtools4you.com/extreme-planetary-energies-pendants/ or these http://healingtools4you.com/extreme-archangels-pendants/

take a look at Archangel Zadkiel, very useful in business.,

At least these are most powerful.

For pre-programmed cores (double charging [etheric & VX charging]) you can choose any up to 6 energies per one device from these:


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