2018 Vacations’s Song – Blow J. Powers

Hey Guys,

I have been asked for making a special Mp3 for 2018’s vacations, and here it is.

The full title is Blow J**ob Powers, and it is literally for what the title is indicating.

There is new energy called as: “Sexual Theme Picture to MP3” – which can be described as:

Another idea is love/sex/p0rn images into mp3 – and cut the male energies, so for example if took JPG with a guy that talk with a gal in bar – it would manifest “conversation”,

If took “guy that dancing with girl”, it would manifest dancing with girl, and if took sexual images, it would manifest something similar which is on pictures.

This type of manifesting Energy is at this time only for men, also with protection against negative manifestations, like violence, or so; dark energies, etc etc.

The idea is to creating manifestation of what picture shows: for example, if there is a group of women and one guy it will manifest for client possibility of being in the group of women,

If there is the situation of kissing couple on picture, it will lead to manifesting of getting a girl for user and kissing with her, if there is at picture couple at bikes (woman and man) it would manifest for client getting into bike ride with a girl.

Generally it’s one more attempt for making user easily jump into love relationships.


This is main energy and there are three pictures of nice-looking and sexy women (between 19-24yo).

MP3 itself has 1 minute long – but is especially design to use as Audio Talisman. Made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic. Somehow it is similar to Digital Fantasy Girls series.

By using it as audio talisman or listen to – you can increase chances for sexual intercourse with opposite sex. It also adds some sexual self-confidence and really can soften the process of getting into new sex-relationships with women.

The only one requirement – use it on regular basis. It can also be works like in background in form of 10-30% of all audio talismans on your pen-drive.

Versions “x” power within the ZIP archive:

  • 5x
  • 15x
  • 25x
  • 35x
  • 45x
  • 55x
  • 70x
  • 100x
  • 150x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x
  • 600x
  • 700x

The MP3 has uplifting, a bit fast emotional tempo and some solfeggio frequencies.

I don’t hide, that is just an attempt to simplify the process of getting into relationships with women. The goal here is to getting “blow j**ob” and it is the object of manifestation—the MP3 or audio talisman use three pictures and by repeating them silently in user’s mind will manifesto the goal later or sooner. With particular intensity dependently from length and “x” power which user used during the manifestation process. If you use it very shortly / rarely (1 day) these can be deep looks, waves from women – if you use it at least 2-3 days these can be more complex signs of attraction. And if you use them wisely it can lead to new relationship. Please take care of yourself, be nice looking, dress well, “be approachable”.

The best if you can use it for at least 14 days. If the attraction factor is too strong – don’t scary – accept and don’t give up.

Listening and Audio Talisman usage tips:

1. It can be listen via headphones, earphones, or even thru speakers – it’s always better if your listening equipment have HQ Standard.

2. Generally not recommend using it while sleeping – but indeed you can do it if you want to- the same with using audio talismans while sleeping. Some sexual dreams may appear because of the Mp3’s topic and goal.

3. It’s most effective via headphones, but not limited to; earphones/earplugs and speakers are also okay.

4. Another way of listening is to keep playing it -all day and night long- in your room thru Speakers – and each time you will be in your room – you will be indirectly infused with the energies of this Mp3. It’s like an energy bath – the room is filled with it and just being there your energy body (and whole you) -is affected by the energy field of your room. If it is constantly playing – the energy gets stronger over the time – so please be careful to not overpower yourself. Higher “x” version will give more power and more energy. Low volume is okay.

Use these MP3s and audio talismans on your responsibility and use them wisely. Never treat them as a toy.

Enjoy Vacations 2018 and let us know how this works for you. This is a completely new approach to the topic.

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