this is about achieving contact with Spirit Aratron during sleep.

There are two versions:

1. AratronLucidDreaming
2. AratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion

Audio Spells for version 1:

  • Lucid Dreaming. This one if mixed with other sigils (up to 10) or pics (up to 5) will induce conscious vivid lucid dreams – in which user will encounter during the dream (sleep) scenarios dictated by sigils/pics – however for better results I will less that 10 sigils, about 3 and few pictures.
  • Sleeping Pill or Water Cup – Generates: feel sleepy and fall asleep, the sleep will be restful, healthy, regenerative. Restore SMR brainwaves, which are responsible for deep sleep, and falling asleep. Pill/SleepingWaterCup Sigil will make target sleep, relaxed, very relaxed, with elements of healing, and wake up refreshed, Affect subtle invisible areas, healing sleep problems from past, affecting healing mind, thoughts, all wide energy fields, so. Is not not intrusive, and will be fully healthy, safe and will provide easy way to heal sleeping problems, and make one fall asleep, restful, and wake up refreshed. Energy can travel into future, or past, or another dimensions and healing sleeping disorders for not making too much pressure, the function can be different.
  • Aratron –
    That he can convert any thing into a stone in a moment, either animal or plant, retaining the same object to the sight.
    He converteth treasures into coles, and coles into treasure.
    He giveth familiars with a definite power.
    He teacheth Alchymy, Magick, and Physick.
    He reconcileth the subterranean spirits to men; maketh hairy men.
    He causeth one to bee invisible.
    The barren he maketh fruitful, and giveth long life.

Version 2 include all above audio spells with one additional:

  • Become medium-build a connection in the brain (mentally and energetically) to be a medium to access safely, -with a strong and ground energy to astral plane or mental plane, – to communicate with being of these dimension psychically or by automatic writing. -ability to channel energy (like reiki) with possibility to record this energy into mp3 or so, -ability to channel information, -remove/avoid mind’s voices, channeled information/energy should goes thru heart, -creating space within the mind to be able to channel (as Enki say – faith in such things creates firstly in mind).

    More specifications: -communication only thru heart to heart telepathy, -block or remove all mind’s voices / mind’s chatters, -ability to connect with any spirit/Spirit to able to channel information or energy, -ability to connect to Akashic Records, -protection against mind’s voices / mind’s chatters or other bad stuff on the way of channeler, -basic psi faith / increase ability to channel information / energies/ etc etc, -ability of automatic writing

Version 1 include these “x” strength power mp3s/ATs:

  • 1000xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 100xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 10xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 1xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 2000xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 200xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 20xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 4000xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 400xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 40xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 5xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 8000xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 800xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3
  • 80xAratronLucidDreaming.mp3

and Version 2 these:

  • 1000xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 100xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 10xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 2000xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 200xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 20xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 4000xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 400xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 40xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 5xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 8000xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 800xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3
  • 80xAratronLucidDreamingMediumVersion.mp3

To making it works – listen in “loop” mode. Each file is at the same time for listening as can be used as Audio Talisman.

Made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2

Do not use while driving a car, operating heavy machinery and don’t use during activities that require your full attention.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

Best option is to listen to it before sleep – please allow up to 7-14 days to make it the change in your sleeping patterns.