Lovely Attraction made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2

This is handy social situations assistant, the version 2.

For sensitive people, because it has only up to 15x power and three versions:

  • 1x
  • 5x
  • 15x

These are mp3s for listening but at the same time works as audio talismans (for example making 10 copies of 15x on any drive will give power of 150 standard audio talismans).

The energies inside (called as Audio Spells):

  • 3rd Venus – admiration, love, respect
  • 1st Venus – attract friends
  • A new love
  • Yahweh(Orgasmic Healing ver.2)
  • Liquid Confidence with Women
  • Enjoy people

The music background is low tempo ambient and track is 6 minutes long (with some sea waves at low volume). Does not include any additional energies or frequencies.

In help of Silent Bliss Engine above mp3s include energies (audio spells) as they are without any human energies in form of popular subliminals, human voice track masked with music, etc etc.

Pre-release: $9

Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility. If you are sensitive making more then 40 copies of 15x [at pen-drive] can cause slight chi-overload which may induce states of increased energetic pressure. Quite often less is better.