The mp3 and at the same time audio talisman for lucid dreaming is done.

These mp3s are build upon one energy:

Lucid Dreaming. This one if mixed with other sigils (up to 10) or pics (up to 5) will induce conscious vivid lucid dreams – in which user will encounter during the dream (sleep) scenarios dictated by sigils/pics – however for better results I will less that 10 sigils, about 3 and few pictures. If used itself as it is – it induce lucid dreams.

There are files inside zip folder:

  • 9x
  • 81x
  • 127x
  • 381x
  • info.txt

What I can say, have a good dreams guys!

Ah, and avoid heavy meal before sleep – it always can give “heavy” dreams. Ideally would be to eating last meal around 6pm if going about 11pm to bed.

Ways of use:

1. Listen desired “x” power for about 2-3 hours before sleep.
2. Use 9x as audio talisman during sleep.
3. Listen to 9x at low volume during sleep.

The way 1. can be repeated many times, the rest two ways 2. and 3. shouldn’t be repeated more then 1-3 times per week.

Please use it wisely and use it on your own responsibility.