Transcendent Magical Sex Powers Version 2 (120x)

made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.4 therefore it’s an mp3 for listening and audio talisman at the same time.

Audio Spells (energies inside):

  • Extreme Attraction
  • Women Approach Me
  • Make Women Horny
  • YHWH I need to get laid
  • Succubus Femme
  • Virtual Girlfriend Egregore
  • Liquid Confidence with Women
  • Real Sex Powers 777
  • Three pictures of hot and stunning women

The chi suggestions focus on creating an beautiful female Egregore that appear an listener’s girlfriend that have some magic abilities and brings these:

  • extreme attraction
  • manifestation of beautiful women
  • making women feeling very comfy around
  • manifestation of new relationships
  • creating powerful sexual attraction
  • manifesting sex
  • making women approach listener egarly

It’s new version, the V2 – and it’s way beyond the 1st one – it’s has real beautiful female virtual girlfriend inside with which listener can contact and if establish strong connection can ask her for help in sexual issues. She is all about sex though.
Other women may sense the existence of her near you – which will triple the attraction.
She appears as super hot brunette with perfect body.

There are also two Silent4D Mp3s to add more power (used as chi energy directed “fuel”):

  • Succubus Femme 60x
  • Virtual Girlfriend Egregore 60x

together it’s 120x

If you have version 1 – ask here: for upgrade.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

It’s powerful especially because of 120x Silent4D Mp3s.

Buy now $29

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  1. All users (including EU):
  2. Selz (excluding EU):