proudly made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree. Energetically most subtle device for pure stream of energies into audio soundtrack. The end file is for listening and can be used as Audio Talisman (AT).

this one is made upon one Audio Spell that everything explain about it:

  • 117. Attract Young Women (18-32 years old)-apply for any men, some young women likes older guys, -apply for young men as well, -awesome attraction and build mix of confidence, cocky&funny, or just attitude mix that is attractive to young women or boost attracting them, -synchronizations with young women, -successful sex manifestation with young women, sexual encounter manifestation, -creating aura of youthfulness, that after all transform person which use this energy into younger version of himself both physically as mentally (kind of anti-aging directed on attracting younger girls).

and has been requested both at forum as via email.

Here is small feedback regarding another Women Attraction Mp3:

Woman approach me Ultimate definitely works.I just use one copy (the x100 one).The whole time I’m in a very relaxed mood.I keep having strong fantasies about women but its less about sex and more about intimacy and connection.If I carry it all day then put it away for sleep I’ll dream about girls wanting to get close to me.It seems to work on women in general.Older and younger just seem okay coming close.Some will just walk up and stare. I kind of space out with it and I’ve driven up on the curb and lost track of thought because a fantasy would hit me out of nowhere.So far this is my favorite AT/MP3 for attraction.

These power “x” strength versions are inside:

  • 1000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 100xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 10xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 16,000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 20,000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 2000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 200xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 20xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 4000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 400xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 40xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 5xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 8000xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 800xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3
  • 80xAttractYoungWomenMP3AT.mp3

To make it works – play it in “loop” mode. Each file is at the same time Audio Talisman.

Please use it wisely. And use it own your own responsibility – and NEVER overdose with too much power.

Don’t use these recordings if this is against the Law in your Country.


Files are copyrighted and apply for you and your all blood-relatives.