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made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.7 and enhanced with Silent4D Image Mp3s.

The files inside zip archive are as follow:

  • SpeakVenusianV2.mp3
  • SpeakVenusianV2_YHWH-S-Satisfaction160x.mp3
  • SpeakVenusianV2_YHWH-S-Satisfaction400x.mp3
  • SpeakVenusianV2_YHWH-S-Satisfaction80x.mp3

80x, 160x and 400x are Silent4D Image Mp3s made with YHWH Sexual Satisfaction.

Chi Suggestions:

  • Beautiful women are extremely persistent with me for sex
  • God is blessing my sex life
  • God blessed me with the ability to read women’s minds
  • Women love sex and want sex from me
  • I am a woman magnet
  • Women feel comfortable around me
  • I attract stunningly beautiful sex crazed horny women into my life
  • I am a sex magnet
  • Its easy for me to connect with willing women at the highest level

Audio Spells:

  • Threesome
  • Women approach me ultra
  • Attracting one girl (Automatic Psychic Seduction)
  • Attract Young Women (18-32 years old)
  • Super Brain Power
  • An mp3 that summons beneficial spirits: (To summon zepar, vual, sitri etc…)
  • Extreme Killer (Spiritual) Confidence with women: Remove tongue-tied regarding women’s beauty.
  • Insights, Knowledge, Concerning Propositions
  • Extreme attraction
  • Mood improvement and enthusiasm
  • Zepar
  • Psi faith
  • Boost psychic skills
  • 3rd sun
  • 4th mercury
  • Make women horny
  • Cocky and funny
  • Liquid confidence
  • Making Virtual Succubies/Girlfriends

Please use these wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never treat as TOY. If you stress out – make a break or ground yourself.

Each mp3 is for listening via headphones, speakers but also works as audio talisman.

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