made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree and upon this Audio Spell:

  • 109. Threesome

    This is about attracting sex:

    For women – attracting sex relationship with another guy and one woman

    For men – attracting sex with two women.

    Suggestions are: – I find myself in a threesome with other women who are drawn to me like magnets; -Women want sex with me in a threesome with other women, -one man two bi women so be it, -sexy and beautiful bi women are drawn to me, -sexy and beautiful bi women want sex with me

Files “x” strength inside:

  • 1000x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 100x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 10x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 1x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 2000x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 200x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 20x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 3x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 4000x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 400x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 40x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 5x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 8000x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 800x3S_MP3AT.mp3
  • 80x3S_MP3AT.mp3

Please use it wisely and never treat as TOY.

Each file is:

  • for listening via headphones
  • for using as audio talisman


Files are copyrighted. Apply for you and your blood-relatives.