Handsome Man Creator v.3 (up to 20,000x)

this is an enhancement of HMC2.1 and made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree.

Each file has extra 160x of Silent4D Mp3s and following 22 Audio Spells:

Audio Spells (energies inside):

  • Legendary attention
  • seductive smile
  • mental game
  • cocky satyr
  • 3rd Venus
  • 1st mercury
  • increased fat burning
  • popularity
  • overcome fatigue
  • magnetic appeal
  • charisma
  • irresistible to others
  • muscle strength
  • penile enlargement
  • Attract Ultra (Women Approach Me v.2)
  • Automatic Psychic Seduction
  • Awaken God within (Cosmic Powers)
  • YHWH Get Laid Spell
  • Killer Confidence
  • Extraordinary Luck
  • Attract Young Women
  • Real Sex Power 777

Each file is about 8 minute long but it still keep the same chi suggestions as in version 1 and version 2.

Chi suggestions are compressed and are from the version 2.1 – here are the affirmations:

  • My face is masculine and rugged
  • My facial features are fully masculine
  • My nose is incredibly masculine and attractive
  • I have ultimate masculinity
  • I am extremely handsome
  • I have a deep masculine and sexy voice
  • I have the perfect weight for my height
  • I have a large and masculine body build
  • I am the most aesthetically attractive and handsome man in the whole universe.
  • I have a perfectly formed aesthetic jaw, chin and cheekbones that give me great masculinity.
  • It is natural for me to have a body and face of tremendous aesthetics.
  • Every single part of my face and body is extremely visually appealing and this is due to my fabulous genetic make up.
  • I am better looking and far more handsome than every male supermodel in the world.
  • My face is scientifically the most beautiful and it perfectly fits the golden ratio.
  • My skin is glowing, radiant, free of blemishes and wrinkles, smooth, soft, youthful and utterly flawless.
  • I have the most piercing, attractive and sexy eyes that can draw absolutely any female in.
  • Every part of my face is so perfectly well proportioned to give me the most visually attractive and aesthetic face of any man.
  • My teeth are absolutely flawless, brilliant white and perfectly straight.
  • My hair is extremely thick and my low hairline perfectly adds to my extreme sex appeal, irresistibility and handsomeness.
  • My body is extremely lean and cut similar to that of a super fit athlete in the peak of his condition with superbly defined biceps, triceps, chest, back, leg and abdominal muscles.
  • I have the world’s most beautiful six pack.

Interesting is that version 3, the current one keep the chi suggestions programming from previous version 2.1, which are somehow amplified up to 20,000x.

Each file however contains about 160x of Silent4D Mp3 of following eXtreme Energy:

  • 160x Liquid Confidence Women Silent4D Mp3

It also include Handsome Man Creator original Trance Engine (which appears in v.1 and v.2).

Here are “x” power/strength versions inside the package:

  • 1000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 100xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 10xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 12,000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 16,000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 20,000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 2000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 200xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 20xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 4000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 400xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 40xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 500xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 5xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 8000xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 800xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3
  • 80xHandsomeManCreatorV3_Mp3AT_160x.mp3

The energy output is way more powerful because of the Silent4D Image Mp3 set at 160x.

Higher “x” versions are rather for those who are less sensitive to energy.

To make it works – listening it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1-2 hours per day at regular basis.

Each file is at the same time:

  • Mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones, speakers
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use at any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).

Desired period of using is at least 14-30 days.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lots of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Edited: Warning !! This product is very, very strong – if you are sensitive – please choose another version of HandsomeManCreator.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

$34 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=D0odjf6 and it will be $59 at website.


For previous users of any version of HandsomeManCreator there is $9 upgrade (to version 3) till 15 June (after 15 June it will be set at $19).

If you are interested in upgrade please write a message here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/contact-us-via-forum/
In subject and message write something like: “HandsomeManCreatorV3 upgade” – and send, as soon as we will receive it, the special link will be sent your way.